Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

Dennis and I take turns planning Valentine's Day. This year it was my turn. I wasn't sure how it would all turn out since I just had our baby and didn't feel much like planning a big bash.

At the last minute I finally got inspired. I headed out Monday night to find some stuff. Things are pretty picked over the evening before Valentine's Day. I remember working at Laura Secord, a chocolate shop, and thinking that the people coming in the day before Valentine's Day were losers. The people who breezed in on Valentine's Day were even bigger losers. So there I was, a loser, looking for something for Valentine's Day for my husband. I justified my loserness by reminding myself that I just had a baby.

We have a tradition in our household of keeping Valentine's Day plans a surprise. The tradition includes blindfolding the party who is being surprised before they get into the car. Usually the surprise includes driving around aimlessly so they don't get a sense of where they are going. This year I didn't have time to drive around aimlessly, so I took Dennis directly there. I discovered that he was still confused as to where we were! When he took off his blindfold he couldn't figure out what we were doing at Value Village. "Are we going to eat here?" he asked. I assured him that we were not, but that we were going to go shopping for a little while before going to the restaurant. Value Village is his favorite store- he's always looking for a bargain. :)

Dinner was a little more upscale. We dined at one of our favorite little restaurants, Charlotte Anne's. Our table was lit by candlelight and classical music in the background created a nice ambience. The baby slept through the whole thing, much to my relief!

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Dennis said...

And Dennis had a wonderful time too! He said so himself! :)

Thanks Boo for a wonderful evening. I love you very much!