Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Couple Things

First of all, I wish that the layout of this post creating page was more inspiring. I really think if it was more aesthetically pleasing I would be inclined to post more often and even brilliantly, if I dare say so.

Second, there has been some controversy in blog circles of late that a blog is only for the self absorbed. Quote by a guy:
As a rule I think that blogs in and of themselves are absolute jokes. I think it is one of the highest acts of vanity to have your own blog. A webpage of your own where you write to tell the world or whoever wants to read it of your boring, mundane everyday activities. A blog is not a journal. A journal is intended for private use; an intimate conversation that the journalist has with themselves for any number of reasons. A blog is a public place where the blogger has a venue to try to impress upon their readership that they are deep, rationalizing, emontionally connected, contemplative, people with active busy lives that matter. [sic]
I'm not going to bother telling you who the individual was who wrote this in his blog because a)he won't read this, and b)since he has such a scathing contempt for blogs he will have to admit that this blog comment itself is not to be taken seriously... I rest my case.

For the record, my blog is only partially self absorbed. The other motivation is to allow my friends and family far and near to feel informed and involved in the growth and development of my and my children's lives. Ultimately though, I hope that my blog will be a testimony of God's grace in day to day living. Reflecting upon God's blessings and the paths we've travelled is a biblical concept (check out Psalms 78, 106, 107, and 136) that can and should result in praise to our God who directs our paths.


The Bruce said...

Good Work Val. i appreciate you standing up for all us bloggers out there who get offended at being called self-absorbed... though i don't think i get too offended since i've never had that charge against me... oh well... so here's proof in the form of a comment that i do in fact read your blog, and i think it's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you're only partially self-absorbed because i'm sure we were all beginning to become a little concerned for you. Also, even those of us who only live minutes from you seem to have a hard time keeping up with the growth and changes of your two sweet little girls (sad isn't it...smiles)so this is good stuff.

matthieu said...

val your not self absorbed but some people are i know that if you read the persons blog you can see that he is very self absorbed, and does not care about his daughter as much are you care about yours