Thursday, August 17, 2006

Our Living Room

Before and After
Our friend Andrew was needing a home for his inheritance, a corner couch and end tables. Of course we were willing to provide a loving home! :) I reminded him that we have two young children, but he insisted that he didn't care and that he wanted a "lived-in" look. So here we are- a wonderful "new" couch for us, and a totally different look for our living room.




Sabrina said...

Verrrrrry nice!!! So the old one is out with the garage this weekend?! What else are you donating to the garage? anything we coudl use?
Love to all
from Tottenham

KT said...

WOW! You could have a party on that couch! Free furniture is the best! :)


Valerie said...

Our old couch is going to KLBC until we need it again because this one is just on loan for an unknown amount of time. We're selling an uncomfortable lazy-boy type chair (seen in the corner of the 'before' picture) as well as the little side table that you can also see in the before picture.

Sabrina said...

sigh, nope nothing we need :)
Have fun! we met alot of neighbours when we had ours.