Thursday, October 19, 2006


Our little 8 month old girl has started communicating a little bit. She doesn't say anything too deep :), but here are a few of her words:

hi- hi
Dada- Daddy
hidada- hi Dada
kckkckkck- kick kick (accompanied by kicking her feet)
cppcppcpp- clap clap (accompanied by clapping)
gooodgooodgooood- good (usually in reference to food)
gdddgoo- good girl

Now, some of these are probably just repeating what she hears, but the "hidada", "kickkick" and "clapclap" are usually spontaneous. Cute, huh? :)


Anonymous said...

o yay, how cute
Aunt Bee

Anonymous said...

That is cute! I bet Lael is a good influence with her that makes her want to talk! Abby doesn't talk, but she's really good at grunting, humming, and reaching emphatically! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Val, I am having trouble posting on your blog. Here is a test run.