Monday, October 23, 2006

Why I’m Crying

The stresses of being a Christian in our postmodern world. Churches that are struggling with soft doctrine and a lack of focus on Christ. The label of “brethren” that boxes me in and makes some think that surely I’m adherent to all the traditions passed down by men. The label of “fundamentalist” that automatically categorizes me and all I say as irrelevant and archaic. Not knowing what to say to friends who have become immersed in postmodern relativity. All the lost people in the world who are waiting for us to stop arguing about trivialities. My own wicked heart that gets sidetracked by the fear of man and a desire to please everyone except God.

Finally, and this is probably the biggest underlying cause for my weeping- pregnancy hormones.


allison said...

Hi Valerie,
Dennis commented on my blog and told me about yours. I've enjoyed reading and you've got such cute kids - and good thoughts too of course. Pride and parenting stories, oh, my - good thoughts.
It's good to see you out in the blogoshere.
-Allison Tuggle

Joey said...


Thank you for your heart-felt and sincere blog entry (also, congrats on your new baby on the way).

I can't help but wonder if at least some of your distress is a response to some things I have written. The kinds of things I write on my blog are meant to spur discussion and not to hurt and marginalize people. I sincerely apologize if anything I've written have made you feel that way.

Given my obvious passion about the Bible and theology combined with my experiences with what I perceive as an over-bearing certitude and repression of serious doubts and questions, I feel strongly that the kinds of questions I'm asking are very, very important. I'm not saying that I'm arriving at the right answers, only that the questions need to be voiced.

Blessings to you and your family.


Anonymous said...

THOSE are good reasons to cry! But I would say most of it has to do with the "horror-mones." I love you, Val!

Anonymous said...

sorry you're crying. I didn't like that part of being pregnant either. As to the church related issues... I guess I'm further from brethren dicussions than I realized I don't know whereof you speak. I do feel similar though in our Christian community here though it's frustrating how many people have thrown out beliefs I want to hold on to just because they're old. One of the teachers at school was complaining because the Bible curriculum is ancient. Well, Duh, the Bible is ancient!!! Ancient yet applicable to us today. Only God could do that :)
Love ya, Patti

Anonymous said...

p.s. I doubt if I know this Joey person but maybe I'd be interested in reading what they wrote... want to connect me to their blog... if they don't mind. P

Valerie said...

Thanks everyone, for your replies- and to the women, you know what I'm talking about when I say hormones!!! :)

Patti, I'm sure Joey wouldn't mind if you went to his blog. Just click on his name in the comments.

Joey, I appreciate your gracious apology. Obviously there is much more going on than just your blog, but I will admit a few of your previous posts were what finally brought the tears.

As for asking questions, I agree that it is very important. I just haven't seen a whole lot of answers being provided. I sense that there is more judgment happening on *both* sides of the issue than there is a desire to understand. I feel somewhat at a disadvantage since you think you know where I'm (or "we" as a "fundamentalist" whole are) coming from and have had many years to formulate your ideas and stance.

One thing that really bothers me about this 'openness' is the discrepancy between the acceptance of so many things and the obvious distrust and nonacceptance of those who believe that there are absolutes. I don't know if you can have it both ways- either there is some absolute truth, or you have to accept everything as possible. Why target "fundamentalists"? How do you know that they are wrong? There are no absolutes. The vibe I'm getting is that "what works for me is great, what works for you is great, but if you believe in absolutes that is a completely unacceptable position."

Joey said...


I'm almost certain we're drastically misunderstanding each other. If you think I'm a complete relativist who says "anything goes" than either I've expressed myself very badly or you've made some unwarranted assumptions. Maybe both.

I'm equally sure I've made assumptions about your beliefs that aren't true. I'll try not to do that. And as for the term "fundamentalist", you're right, it's probably not a fair (or helpful) term to use.

Anonymous said...

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