Friday, October 06, 2006

Having trouble getting pictures up

I usually use Hello by Picasa to post pictures to my blog, but lately the program won't load the pictures. It just acts like it is going to, and then doesn't. My trouble uploading the traditional way is that it takes forever with our state of the art dial-up. Anyway, that is a brief explanation why I haven't had as many pictures up as usual. I'm going to try to put a couple on with this post, the traditional way.

Our smiley girl:

The mess that greeted me after I had to run out of the room for a minute:

Our ornery girl:


Sabrina said...

Wow, it is so incredible how fast they grow up. What cute kids you have :)

KT said...

Sorry about your picture trouble! :( It's difficult dealing with computers - although, remember our lives without them? The next generation won't even know what life was without them! That's a surreal thought! Cute girls (as always!) - keep posting those pics when you can! :)