Sunday, January 21, 2007

Here's the sweet little culprit

Good morning! Or perhaps I should say "Good early morning!" Yes, the time has arrived for me yet again when my mind and my big round tummy unite in mischievious wakefulness and reap havoc on my normal sleeping patterns. This has happened before, so it is no big surprise.

I wanted to post a picture of our cute little baby since this pregnancy hasn't really even gotten an honorable mention on the blog yet. This picture was taken over a month ago so you can imagine along with us all the changes that have taken place! Enjoy your glimpse of a miracle and remember that you are witnessing God's quiet hand at work.

We are excited to meet our baby face to face in early April- the due date is the 4th.


Inside Out said...

Wow, that is good detail, and so cute too! Have a great sleep. Tell your husband you need a nap and go get one!

Amanda said...

Great picture of the baby Valerie. You guys must have the 3D ultra sound in Ontario do you?? We don't use it here so it's not quite as clear. I hope you are doing well, I'm pretty sure I generally know how you are feeling, I'm due April 3rd so our due dates are very close. We're soo excited. Do you guys know what you are having?? We don't, but I have a hunch it is a boy, we'll see.
Say hi to Dennis and the girls.

KT said...

Wow - amazing picture. I can't believe in 2 months, he/she'll be here! Hope you're getting a nap today - a great Sunday afternoon past-time! :) KT

Anonymous said...

What a neat picture!!! Good for you pulling that out to look at so you remember that these sleepless nights are worth it in the end... for the love of another precious little soul :)And Button's birthday is this week... time has flown! Happy Bday to her.Patti

Anonymous said...

Well, of all things an ahead of time picture of a future Canadian. Try to get some short cat naps to make up for bad nights. Love, A. Jean n Wpg.

Valerie said...

I'll try to get several naps before the baby arrives! Noone call between 2-4pm EST, ok? LOL ;)

Amanda, that's cool that your date is the 3rd. No, we don't know what we're having. Most people seem to think it is a girl, but really, who knows? ;)

David and Amy Campsall said...

ahh... sigh.. i left a post and then tried to sign in and lost my comment.. hehe.. I have never seen an ultrasound picture like this one before it's quite neat! God surely did fearfully and wonderfully make us didn't He!! just a side note. My birthday is april 3rd and my husband dave's is april 4th! so either of those days would be good to have a baby!! hehe.. I trust you will be able to get enough sleep to be sane and patient with the other children. I know what lack of sleep can do to a normally patient and quiet mom!! God bless
Love Amy

Anonymous said...

Looks like another cute Easton baby, how does this keep happening?!? This picture gets me excited now too!!
Aunt Bee