Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Canadian at Last!!!

Yesterday was exciting. We went to Oshawa and I became a Canadian citizen! I worked out my issues regarding saying the oath ahead of time (always a good idea). I decided that if Paul gave instructions from the Lord that the people of his time were to submit to governing authorities, the Romans, who were notoriously corrupt and impure, then my first test of submission to Canadian authorities was to take this oath that they required of me even if I don't agree with how the monarchy came into power and what it has become. I am at peace with that decision.

It was a really neat ceremony, presided over by a judge. I'd never been in a working courtroom before. We had to stand up when the judge entered and exited. He was quite personable and gave a little speech on the significance of this day in each of our lives. I thought to myself that while this was an action mainly of convenience for me for many of the people there it was a life-changing event. He read off a list of all the countries that were represented, and there were at least 30. As he read some of the country names, I knew that some of the stories behind these new Canadians involved being refugees and fleeing their countries of origin. Becoming Canadian was vitally important to many there. I feel doubly blessed to not only be Canadian, but American as well- does it get any better than that? God's grace. Dennis and the girls came along. The girls were well behaved- thank You, Lord! It was also really great that Brenda, Patti and the girls were there to witness it! Thank you for coming, guys!


Anonymous said...

That's exciting, Val! I have two multi-citizen sisters-in-law. Very cool! :)
- Des

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Valerie
You make a great Canadian

Must be 6 yrs since you first decided you were going to come and stay over the 49th parallel!!

Will you change the title of your blog?


"Gramma E."

Anonymous said...

Valerie, Best wishes to the New Canadian.

Did you have to report or prepare any paper work for the US government when you decided to become Canadian and remain American? I've always wondered about that part of it - and so far have not found satisfactory information. Mind I haven't searcher too much.

As an American you could registar your kids as American citizens which in the future might make it possible for them to live and/or work in the US.

Our kids were not registared when they were children and because of their adopted status don't think it is possible for them to be registared now.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Congrats Val!

Sorry that I didn't get over to see you on the weekend. Wow did it ever go by fast. I'd like to come down again, and we'll have to plan specially to be in the same place at the same time!


Anonymous said...

Valerie Ann
Love you, Mom

Valerie said...

Thanks, everybody!

Aunt Jean, I didn't have to report anything to the US government about becoming Canadian. They really only care about my U.S. citizenship, so I'll still enter the U.S. as a U.S. citizen, but come back into Canada on my Canadian passport. The one thing that I think is required is to file income tax reports to the IRS. I didn't realize that until this past week.

The kids can be dual as well, so that is our next step on the paper trail!

Anonymous said...

Ya, my 1040 forms arrived today. I usually have to write for them they don't come automatically. I'm not computer smart enough to file on line so still use the old style. I'll have to get at it soon.

Andrew is Off to London, ON today & then on to the Upward Bound retreat that is being held some where at a camp beyond London. He has some good friends in London who will give him & his friend from Wpg. accomadation tonight and Sun. night.

Love, A. Jean

David and Amy Campsall said...

Congrats Val, I'm glad you were able to work out your own uneasiness about the whole oath thing:) Nice to see a picture of you too!! Your family is awesome. I had never seen patty's kids either and Haven't seen brenda in a way long time either:)
God Bless
Love Amy

KT said...

Congratulations my Canadian Friend - you do realize I've been calling you Canadian for years and now it is actually true? :) Happy Thursday! KT