Sunday, February 25, 2007

Resources and Pics

I've come across a couple great resources lately and thought I'd share them here.

The first is a link I found on my friend Amy's blog (thanks, Amy!)- Large Family Logistics. This is great for those with large families and those of us with small families, like me. Here I found ideas for managing my home more efficiently. These ideas include making up a 31 day meal plan to fit any month, creating a home management notebook with a schedule for each day of the week, and great ideas for keeping on top of cleaning, laundry and cooking. Hooray! It is a wonderful thing to find someone who has been there and can give tried and true advice.

The second link I just found today- Grace and Truth Books. This site has a wonderful collection of books for the whole family, but I am particularly interested in their resources for children. I'm always on the lookout for meaningful ways I can share about God with my girls, and I see many family devotion and child devotional books that I'd love to check out. If I order something and like it I'll try and post about it here sometime. :)

And for those of you who aren't interested in the links and just want some pictures :)...

The girls played in this box for a good 20 minutes one evening recently. They both wanted their dollies in with them. It was a tearful goodbye when they had to get out.

And here is our friendly KLBC grim reaper.


Anonymous said...

Hi Val, We used to get lots of books from Grace & Truth; always good stories for the kids. If you were a little closer we could share some on a loan basis.

Love seeing the pictures of the girls. Boxes are great toys - a group of them tied together make great trains for dolls & stuffed animals. Large boxes (such as appliance boxes) make wonderful houses. The one I remember the best had a peaked roof, a door & a good paint job so it lasted a long time through the antics of three kids. (It was a real strong box in the first plaace.

Last evening Toby, Mark & Cammie were over for a visit. Toby enjoyed playing in the grocery tote basket. Then we parked it on a throw rug and gave him rides around the rooms..(Since we have hardwood & vinyl this works very well). Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that you are getting organized. The pictures of the girls are just darling. I wouldn't mind getting one of them in the tub with their dollies and dog. Have a great weekend. Love, Mom

Sabrina said...

Hi valerie,
We have been Emily Barnes followers for years now! We have her home organization book here if you want to borrow it. It is incredible how being organized makes more time in the day for the important things in life.
I find now days that there are actual times in teh day when I have NOTHING to do! Can you beleive it, three kids and nothing to do! ( miond you it may only be for 20 minutes! but hey I'll take it!)
Those moms who have 9-13 kids are incredible.