Monday, February 12, 2007

Conversation on the Fork Phone

"Hello?... hello?... hello?... Oh, hello Grandma!"

"Hi, how are you today? I fine. Yes, and smush smush mm mun smunch in heaven! Yes, Jesus is God's Son! Ok, bye-bye. Beep, BEEP." (She pushes the middle of the fork with her finger to turn it off.)

After observing all this, Button puts her spoon to her ear and says, "Hi... hi... hi?"


Anonymous said...

Such cute little girls learning to use the phone...I guess. How fast the youngest picks up things from the older one. Squeaky's crinkly hair is all gone. Lots of Valentines hugs & kisses for these adorable gals. Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Question???? How could aunt Jean's comment be posted (5:17pm) when it is only 4:51pm.? Your computer must be on CDT still, Jean.

Thanks for the calls you dear little ones. Call me on a fork, call me on a spoon, I'll be glad to talk, morning, night or noon.

Sabrina said...

Tooo cute!
OUr little guy just figured out he actually needs to talk on the phone, not just look at it and wave!
He said hi to daddy and I love you daddy this week while Ron was away for work.
But we haven't reach fork status yet!!!

Valerie said...

Mom, I have the comment time set on Eastern Standard Time. Everyone shows up on that time regardless of which time zone they are posting from.

Godby said...

Very cute! Maybe I'll get to bump into you and the girls this weekend if you're around. It'd be nice to catch up. Take care!

Anonymous said...

My computer says 2:23PM and my watch says 2:09PM CST right now. The watch is closer to the correct time. I'll have to have my computer ex spert (drop under pressure) look into the problem when he has some spare time. We might be nearly frozen in place but time does continue to pass. A.Jean

Anonymous said...

i witnessed the fork phone!!
aunt bee