Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Toothy Grins and Crinkly Hair

Here's the Button in two typical poses.

Squeaky learned a little more about eye-hand coordination yesterday when she made this necklace for herself by stringing the foam blocks with a blunt plastic needle. She did a great job- I showed her how to do one and she did the rest herself!


Anonymous said...

Hi Button, Squeaky and your Mom,
By the title of this post it is easy to see who has the toothy grin, eh? Button. Is it you Squeaky, with the crinkly hair? Does it come natural or does Mom put in curllers or use the curling iron? I think it might come natural from your Grandpa VE. With those skills Squeaky should be able to go into the jewellry business real soon. Love your smilin' faces. A. Jean

Anonymous said...

I love those girls. What a cute grin of Aria's. Where did you get the foam "beads" for necklace? Just love those pictures. Grandma

Valerie said...

Aunt Jean, her hair is crinkly because I took a tiny braid out of it and it hadn't been washed yet. :) No natural curls for Squeaky, I'm afraid. That's ok, I don't have any natural curl, and I've made it this far. :)

Mom, I got the foam beads from the dollar store. There are some wonderful crafty treasures there!

Anonymous said...

I miss being closer to see them grow up!!
Aunt Bee