Friday, March 09, 2007

This and That

I feel like I want to blog, but I don't really have anything to say! I'm sure my desire to talk will win over my desire to be meaningful.

It seems my weeks are full of doctor's appointments and looking after the girls. The doctors see me every week at the end of the pregnancy. I also had my fifth ultrasound for this little one on Tuesday to see if the baby is head down. The baby is head down!!! That is a good thing, as I'm not too keen on having a c-section if it isn't necessary.

Squeaky is starting to read a tiny bit. She knows most of her alphabet (in capitals), and she knows the sounds they make. The vowels still throw her for a loop sometimes. She can read her own name, her sister's name, "mom", "dad", "baby", "bob" (as in Bob the Tomato), and we've been working on sounding out "ark", "dot" and "lion." I'm trying to pick words that begin with the same letters as her name or other words she knows so that she'll begin to understand you have to read all the letters and not just the first one. It's been fun to see her so interested in it. Don't worry, I'm not pushing her to be a genius child or anything; she just always has had an interest in books and so this is right up her alley.

Everytime we come home from Cubbies she wants to pose for a picture in her vest. This was one of the times I humored her. :)

Button (13 months) is starting to talk a little bit! See her tiny ponytail?
Her list of words lately:

baby- pretty much everything, but she does know a baby when she sees one and can point it out in a picture

caa-ker- cracker

dahdy- dolly

hi- said with the most enthusiasm I think a baby could possibly have when Daddy comes home

jumpeejumpee- when she sees her jolly jumper

aria- for herself

tickle tickle- she pulls up her shirt and tickles her tummy, or her sister's tummy, or anyone's feet, etc.


Anonymous said...

The column to my left says "No comments yet." A. Jean, oh, A. Jean where are you? No doubt you'll comment later.
I don't mind commenting. I could comment endlessly about all of may grandchildren with equal enthusiasm, but will limit this to the two featured in this blog.
Lael is doing well with reading. She will probably be a natural with whatever works because her interest is there. She is blessed to be surrounded with books, book readers and a stay-at-home mom.
The little girl with a pony tail cracks me up. Does she call you mommy and daddy? I still laugh about the incident when you were on the phone with me yesterday and she found an opportunity to "tickle, tickle" her sister.
You'll never regret the days you spend in raising your children, though you may get very exhausted in the process. Love, Mom

Dennis said...

I love those little girls.

I especially love when I get charged by you and them when I get home from work. One lovely wife's hug, one little girl's hug and then the other one crawling as fast as she can across the kitchen floor to give me an ankle hug. :)

Anonymous said...

Well if you think you had nothing to blog about, you were wrong, this is exactly what we love to hear, I'm getting very excited to come next week!!

Sarah VE said...

I had better tell Caleb to get his skates on and learn how to read or his little cousin will beat him to it:)

Good Job Lael, Keep it up.

Good Job Val. Keep it up:)

love you all.
wish WE could drop by, Aw well one day maybe.

Anonymous said...

Two lashes with the wet noodle for the very tardy Aunt Jean.

Now for the excuses; #1 a two or so hour power failure on Fri. morning (a fire on a hydro pole).#2 a busy day getting ready to have company for supper.
#3 making homemade wet noodles for supper #4 Sat. required a big day making cinnamon buns to celebrate Toby's 2nd. birthday - which we are going to do tomorrow even though the b'day isn't until Wed.

Some children seem to have a real gift to learn to read and then there are those who would rather not and have to be proded along. The problem with those who learn before they go to school is they often don't have enough to do in class in the early grades. Might not be a problem for home schoolers because you just progress at the child's own rate.

We noticed that even the late reader loves to read now.

It looks like the kid in the cubbie vest deserved a picture taking. The pony tail girl is cute too - I just had a hard time seeing the pony tail. (Better get the cataract removed).

Love, Aunt Jean

David and Amy Campsall said...

Hi Val! Nice dress up in your other post! Iren't pregnancy clothes a blast?:)
You know what? I have been teaching chloe the alphabet this last week because she is so interested in learning everything! I thought maybe she was too young. But what else was there to start with? She knows every shape i can think of drawing. Even a hexagon! Even John seems to be joing in the fun. I have the alphabet on cards taped up around the dining room wall and every day or so we try to add a new letter. I draw a little picture on card we are working on A for Apple, B for Banana, etc. It's fun to help them learn if they want to. I was kinda glad to see this post as it encouraged me that I'm not pushing chloe but rather allowing her to learn if she wants too! The last few weeks she's been saying memory verses at chapel. Last week was "The gift of God is eternal life" This week is Trust in the Lord. We put up the verse on the fridge to help mommy remember to get chloe to remember!!
And to Dennis's comment about those leg hugs.. CUTE!!! John was an early walker and leg hugs are out of use for now in our house.. but with another one on the way it won't be long till they are in vogue again! Hope your pregnancy is going well. I'm glad to hear the baby is head down!! It is a relief not to have a c-section for such a thing. Ok this is long enough. Here's a verse from my reading this morning that I will end with
"And he took a child, and set him in the midst of them: and when he had taken him in his arms,he said unto them, Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me." Mark 9:36-37