Monday, March 05, 2007


Squeaky helped me make banana bread the other day. She especially enjoyed grinding the nuts, stirring the flour repeatedly and mashing the bananas. When she didn't have anything specific to do she'd grind the nuts a few more times.
The appropriate song to sing while mashing bananas goes like this, "Mash smash mash mash smash smash maaaaaaaaaash..."

I caught her licking the flour off her fingers just once, so the bread came out relatively untainted.

Button did her own version of stirring at my feet. It sounded a whole lot like banging to me.
I've been trying to keep my kids closer during their play times. I'm finding that I am able to train them more effectively when I nip everything in the bud. I think I was getting lazy by sending them off to play and occasionally calling out, "Be nice to your sister!" and "Share!"
When they are hanging around I can see the situation arising before it becomes a problem. Already I am noticing a marked decrease in whining and crying and quicker obedience. Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

oh, fun, we should bake next week too!!
Aunt Bee

Anonymous said...

You have a talented baking helper who can sing as she works - what a joy to be around. You should show the other one how to turn the bowl over and have a drum (perhaps it is enought of a drum as is - sort of like the drums in the Caribean I can't remember what they are called.)

It won't be long now until number three joins the concert - probably his/her first efforts will be vocal. Good times coming!

T-dot (Ruth's name for her nephew)loves to "help" in the kitchen. Last time they were over he helped to make the lettuce salad - then Oma forgot to put it on the table at supper time. Later in the evening T-dot went to the kitchen and helped himself to a cup full of lettuce and brought it to share with the rest of us during play time.

Love, A. Jean

David and Amy Campsall said...

Oh Val, i have a baker helper too they are so much fun!! Isn't it a blessing to have these little ones. I understand what you mean about having the children closer and how you are able to correct and discipline better.. I am still learning that! Chloe is my laundry helper too.. she likes to get the wet clothes on her face and laughs and says it's on my eyes! and then throws it in the dryer. It's rewarding to see them so happy to help when you are happy to have them help. Keep on with the mashing music little ones.. us mommies love that stuff!
Love Amy

Coeur d'Court said...

What you said about keeping your girls close to you while they play is something I've been finding effective in my parenting as well. Even for kids like mine that get along well (most of the time!), there's still nothing like nipping a problem in the bud rather than letting it grow into a big, full blown issue. Your post was something I could certainly relate to and I had to give you a thumbs up. Great post and pics -- your girls always look so happy and content. :)

Anonymous said...

I like how the girls have their mouths open the same way in the pics!!!

Aunt Des

Sarah VE said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I know with our kids if I keep them busy helping me with stuff there is very little fighting. I think that after about 45 min of "free play" they tend to get listless and start fights. So my theory is 45 play, then change the activity to some thing structured. I don't always do this but when I have my act together, and follow this plan life is a lot more sweet.
Today was not one of those days and it was my fault. !
My Mum always said " Devil finds mischief for idle hands to do"... there is a lot of truth to that.
Well better run
enjoy the rest of your week