Friday, April 13, 2007

A Good Thought

God was so gracious to give me a good thought today- in the midst of all the impatient and irritable type thoughts that have been swirling around in my mind! :)

I have a devotional book I read called The Valley of Vision. It is a collection of old puritan prayers. Today I read:

I can come to thee in my need
and feel peace beyond understanding!
The grace that restores is necessary to preserve,
lead, guard, supply, help me...
Every new duty calls for more grace than I now possess,
but not more than is found in thee, the divine treasury
in whom all fullness dwells.

I especially like the part about God giving us grace for
every new duty- and I feel like He is assigning a new "duty" to me tomorrow,
in the form of a brand new little one. I'm so grateful for the strength
that He promises and daily provides.
Hopefully we'll have some news to post the next time I write on this blog!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great poem. It is a good reminder to me as well. His grace is sufficient. Love, Mom

nicole said...

:) i love you. only a few hours left!

Jean said...

The nugget of a poem is a real Rose.
The roses are beautiful.

The Lord bless and keep you and give you peace and strength for this day. Love & prayer, A. Jean

Jean said...

Best wishes for the family with the brand new daughter. Dear little Quinn Alaina (not sure of the spelling) didn't wait for her sister's birthday next week nor for A. Jean's in 10 days. She got a day all of her own in this part of the family. I guess there won't be any candy bar for me as the names are not near the one I chose. Ha!

All the best with love,
A. Jean

Godby said...

Congratulations Val and Dennis,

What a beautiful little girl you have been given. (another one that is, as your other two are also beautiful) I like her name, great pick!