Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Now I'm 40 weeks, 6 days. I went to the doctor this morning and I'm at 3 cm. She said that everything is ready to go, it is just a matter of when. They are giving me until Friday morning at 7:30am to go into labor on my own, and if I don't then they plan to break my water at the hospital and take it from there. If you read this, please pray that I'll just go on my own before then. The girls are still at Grandpa and Grandma's, but we need wisdom in whether or not to bring them back here for a couple of days to give Dennis' parents a break. The girls also have colds, and I don't particularly want to get that right before I have the baby. So please pray that the Lord would give us wisdom in our decision making and also that the baby would come soon if He wills. Thanks, everyone!


Anonymous said...

our prayers are with you, Dennis, the girls and Gr. and Gr. in Bancroft. Romans 8:28 is a special verse that we can erly on.
Love you lots and lots . Mom

Sabrina said...

Our prayers and hearts are with you guys.
Hoping you go soon adn FAST!
Does Dennis know how to deliver... Murphy's law... if you are going to go late you are going to go quick! LOL
Wouldn't that just be the funniest ever! Dennis delivering the baby in your kitchen!
Something to giggle about on such a tough day

Anonymous said...

You don't want the cold, trust me, leave them with G&G,they'll recover quickly!! So easy for me to say eh?
Aunt Bee

Anonymous said...

praying here too :) Love you all

Jean said...

Continueing steadfast in prayer. Trusting all will be well. Love, A. Jean

David and Amy Campsall said...

Val the children and I prayed for you last night. For strength for the journey and after:) Thanks for being so faithful in your updates! Thinking of you today
Love Amy

Valerie said...

Thanks for your prayers, everyone.
We decided to leave the girls where they are to avoid getting sick. It is possible that Gr. and Gr. will be able to bring them down this weekend for a little bit to see the baby and to have a couple of days at home. That way Dennis could see them in the evenings. I miss those little girls!!!

Jean said...

Good idea to leave the girls at G.& G.s. This morning I was wishing that I could shrink Ontario and get over to Peterborough in about one hour or so - I could then give you a hand by bringing the girls home with me. Too bad ON doesn't shrink.

Hope the baby arrives soon and the Squeaky & Button get over their colds soon. I am sure G. & G. will recover after a round of busy girls.

Love & prayer, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Still praying. God is as faithful as ever! Dennis' parents are being great servants! You're blessed to have a break, Val.

Anonymous said...

Gramma and Grampa are having a great time! Now just bring along the next one !The more the merrier.

The colds have improved a lot . Mostly a little cough for Lael but the runny noses are dry now. They are happy and playing and this afternoon sleeping soundly!