Thursday, April 19, 2007

More Pictures

Hi everybody- I wanted to get some more pictures up for you to enjoy. Especially for my family far away (I love you all!) We are slowly getting back to "normal" here. I'm still feeling really shaky and weak all the time. The doctor took some blood tests for glucose, iron and some other things two days ago. I haven't heard back from them yet, but I'm hoping they can offer some answers- my hands shake so badly that writing is difficult. This is my first day with the three girls by myself. The baby is still sleeping and the two older girls are playing right now. Dennis moved a comfy chair into the kitchen for me so that I can rest during the day. If I try to rest in the living room the girls just climb all over me. Anyway, on to the pictures.

Here I was on Friday morning before going into the hospital. Now that I know she was 8lbs, 7 oz, I can definitely say that was a biiiig belly.
This was before they broke my water. Notice how calm and collected I look? :) There is a big gap in the picture sequence for an obvious reason- no pictures were taken during the whole labor time (thankfully!)! Here is happy Daddy holding his little girl for the first time.


Sabrina said...

She is soo cute! I feel awful that we didn't bring our camera for pics. so if you have time feel free to send over a few for us.
Even though she is "big" she is still so tiny and precious.
How blessed you really are. I am happily envious :)

Anonymous said...

Oh how much I appreciate the pictures of the welcoming committee as you all welcome precious Quinn, into the world and into the family. It is good to see pictures of Patti and Bruce and their girls, Grampa, A.Brenda, and Ron and Sabrina. And of course, Daddy and Mommy, and Aria. Valerie, your after picture looks really good. Hope you are havubg a tetter day than yesterday. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

oh, I love those so much! Thanks for posting. Val, I'll be praying for you! Love you so much!

Jean said...

Thank you for letting us see all of you and especially that new little Quinn. You are doing good to find the energy to post so much along with your other responsibilities.

The verse that I was thinking of the other day is John 16:21

Lots of love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Just checking. I am one of those who check you blog several times a day. Guess who.