Sunday, May 06, 2007


Blowing bubbles is the newest craze at our household. Squeaky likes to put the bubble wand right on her mouth and try to blow out some bubbles. It rarely works, but boy, when it does...! She also loves to chase the bubbles all around the yard and smash them into the grass when they land there, if they don't pop first.
One day last week we were coming home and Button pointed at the bubble container sitting on the window ledge and said, "Bubbles!" She cried when I took her inside instead of blowing some for her.

This little one blows bubbles of her own variety!


Anonymous said...

What cute pictures. It looks like you are having very nice weather and maybe just a little more relaxed time to enjoy it. It is so fun to see the girls and their daddy. Sometime Mommy will have to get in a picture. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Quinn looks so big and alert!! Can't wait to see you all next weekend!!

Anonymous said...

we had fun blowing bubbles at your house too :) Yes, Quinn looks so much bigger!'s only been a couple of weeks, wow! Hope you're feeling a little rested these days. Love you,Patti