Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Graduation, Graduation and the Girls

Friday night Dennis and I enjoyed his graduation banquet at Heritage. We were late due to Toronto traffic (we should've known better), but we still got to enjoy a delicious meal
and their program. The little baby came along for the ride. It was nice to do something to celebrate Dennis' hard work over the last 7 years. He is now Dennis Easton, B. Sc., M. Div.! :)
This is a picture of the KLBC graduation that happened on Saturday. There were 24 graduates (I think). Dennis is the guy in the middle front with the blue shirt under his jacket. The front row is faculty, staff and board members, and the rows behind are the students. The room was terrible for pictures so I turned the flash off- hence the blurry photo.
KLBC provided a delicious roast beef meal after the graduation. Here is the first picture of our family of five! When I see this picture I simply can't believe that our family is so big. What happened?!?
The top picture is of Quinn wearing the little blue dress that I wore when I was a baby. All our girls have worn this dress around 2 weeks. I could tell how much bigger Quinn is than the other girls by how the "dress" fit- it was more a shirt than a dress on her! The tights fit her really well too; they were really big on the other girls. Quinn already has little rolls around her wrists, creases on her thighs and dimples in her elbows and knees. Cute little chubby baby! I think she is close to 10lbs now. The second picture is of Button wearing the dress last year. I don't have the one of Squeaky on our computer- I may scan it in later.

The three little sisters. Poor Squeaky hadn't had her hair combed yet, sorry. For that matter, neither had Button or the baby, but it doesn't really matter on them now, does it? :)


KT said...

You have such sweet little girls! And congrats to Dennis! The schooling is over (for now.) Have a marvelous May Day! Love till math tests are fun for me, KT

Anonymous said...

One phase of life ending in preparation for the next challege!

Good for you all!

Could you post the family of 5 on another place...such as an e-mail so I can copy it?

Gramma E.

Anonymous said...

Hi :) nice to see you all :) Looks like you made it through your busy week and weekend just fine :) Congrats Dennis on getting that M.Div.!!!! Thanks for all the great pictures :) Love to you all, Patti

Desiree said...

Congrats, Dennis! A graduate at last!

It is amazing to become a family of five - you and Dennis are out numbered!

Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dennis!
We are very happy for you. You have worked tremendously hard.
I'm glad you made it down to Heritage for the evening banquet. I prayed for you many a night when I knew you would be on the 401 to Cambridge.
Such good pictures of the family. I would never have guessed that the two babies in the blue dress were different. You have such darling little girls. May the Lord bless you as you take the next step(s). We are waiting to hear that Aria has taken her 1st step.
Love to all, Mom