Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Fuzzy. We are trying out this nickname on little Quinn. Her hair is very fuzzy and cute. I called her fuzzy several times before we even thought of it as a nickname.

I've had a few requests to see more pictures of Fuzzy. Sunday was her one month birthday! She is so content and alert. I think it must be because she was 9 days overdue. At this point it really shows up- holding her head up, beady little eyes looking at everything, smiling "early", cooing, etc. We can get her to smile by clicking our tongues at her- she thinks that is really clever. Button got the biggest smile we've seen yet- and I happened to have the camera out! Woo hoo!

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Anonymous said...

What a darling. Wish I could be there to "help" you by holding and playing with my granddaughters. Those smile are super. Love you all, Mom