Monday, May 14, 2007

Our Reward

Our little sweetheart is so precious. Almost two weeks ago (at 2 1/2 wks old) Dennis was walking his fingers up Quinn's little sleeper saying "ticky, ticky" and she smiled at him. The next day she smiled at me. At first the smiles were really hard to come by, but now she's smiling a whole lot. It is so sweet and melts my heart. These pictures were taken sometime last week when I was able to catch some smiles.


Anonymous said...

What darling pictures of your new one. I'd love to cuddle her. Give all the girls lots and lots of hugs. Love, Grandma

KT said...

I can't believe all those adorable smiles! You have such a sweet addition to your family! KT

Anonymous said...

Quinn is a real people person with her personality showing already!What a good baby!Gramma