Monday, June 04, 2007

Garage Sale

On Saturday we had our 2nd annual garage sale. It was a good day for it- no rain in sight and lots of people out garage saleing. We sold all the "big" stuff we had out and lots of the little stuff. This picture was taken after a lot of the bigger things like three wooden bar stools, two lawn chairs, a guitar, stroller, high chair, and sewing machine were gone. Yippee!

Winnie hung out in the garage but was not for sale. Our friend Jenn came over and watched the two older girls. They went to the playground at the school and spent most of the time underneath the slide because of the heat. :)

Our piano is still for sale. Are you interested?


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that your garage sale went well. I wish I could think well enough to organize a sale here. It is not for lack of stuff. One thing is, that without a garage, you want a sunny day(s), and that is hard to know a long time in advance. Same ole--same ole. Mom

Sabrina said...

Hey Valerie, glad it was a success. I guess it is starting to become a reality! You guys are moving soon :) How are you doing?