Thursday, May 31, 2007

Whoops, it's been a week?

And what a week it's been! Sorry for not blogging in so long. I find that my pictures are often the impetus to blogging for me. So the lack of a camera flash is where I'll place the blame. :) These picture are taken with open exposure, so they are a bit blurry because Button isn't very still. :) Winnie is nearly 7 weeks now! I can't believe it. She is such a good baby. I know every one wants to know how she's doing at night, after all that is the litmus test for whether or not she really is a good baby: she has been sleeping from 11:00 or 11:30pm until between 6-7:30 am! Every night! Um hmmm, that's what I'm talking about- a GOOD baby! :)


Anonymous said...

What cute babies!
I just can't wait to see them. Yes, I would have to say that Winnie is a good baby when it comes to sleeping.
Guess what, Val? I am working on your seat covers. The sewing machine will stay in the living room until I get them done!!!!! D.V. No appointments out today.
Dad asked me to make cookies last night. Can you believe that?
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

wow winnie could teach Linia a few things. Linni is a big eater and loves her mid night snack so she is still up at least once a night. Aw well. I used to stress about it with the others but I guess i have gotten laid back with number 5 and this morning I had to think twice about weather she was up in the night or not... she had been but i guess I am just so used to it now.
She sure is different to our other kids... they were all going through the night by 3 months of age.

I am soo glad you youngest is doing well for you. she looks like a cutie :)

Hope you are able to get adjusted to life with 3 little girls.. and that your girls can get adjusted to having Mommy a bit busier.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

marybeary said...

Wow that's great that's she sleeping so long during the night. I wonder if that comes with having more kids...;0) What cute, sweet kids you have Val. :0)

Sabrina said...

Wish our kids would sleep!
Noah is up at 5 am every moring of late!

Valerie said...

Hi everybody- a clarification; I'm taking nooooo credit for the baby's sleeping so well! God is blessing me and I am so very grateful. :)

Mary, don't worry. I think many things do get easier by experience but it is also a little easier with a more laid back personality (which I don't have naturally). So you are doing great. The nice thing about the first time you have babies at home (Mary just had twins boys everybody) is that it is possible to catch some extra zz's when they do. :)

Sabrina said...

I would like to take back my earlier comment... my two boys slept in till after 7 am this morning and my girl after 8!

Jean said...

Finally getting around to reading blogs that have been posted for a while. Nice to see the cute pictures of the girls. Hope the "good" baby is still being good this week.

The news of a piano for sale arrived just a little late - a friend of ours was looking for one but found one recently and U. Helmut and three other of the brethren are going to move it this afternoon with our big van. Oh, well I doubt she would have bought one in Peterborough - and for sure the movers wouldn't have helped her out free of charge that far.

Love, A. Jean