Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Sad Thing and the Zoo

When we were at the zoo last Saturday our camera fell off the stroller onto the ground. I had foolishly put it in the sun shade and when I opened it quickly to shade Button from the sun the camera flew out. The batteries and the memory card all popped out when it fell. Originally I was afraid that we had lost our pictures from the zoo- the screen was giving me a message about reformatting the memory card. But the pictures were fine. Sadly, our camera's flash doesn't work anymore. So we can't take pictures inside. I feel sick about the whole thing, but at least we can still take outdoor pictures.

Here are the pictures from the zoo before the camera broke. We had a fun time. The girls were coming down with colds so it was the perfect thing to ward off the whines.

Their favorite was the meercats. They liked the monkeys too, but it was easier for them to see the meercats because they stayed on the ground.


Anonymous said...

The girls look cute in their pink!

I know what you mean about your camera. Lately Dave and I have had very expensive mishaps: my purse stolen, a traffic ticket (a very stupid one), and Dave's beloved iPod died. The Lord allowed it all to happen. I have to tell myself that it's not about having it all together, it's about trusting Him.

Anonymous said...

Valerie, I am sad about the loss of your being able to take inside pictures, and a broken camera. Can you get those fixed?
I have had some very expensive things happen lately, as well, Des. Sometimes I am wondering if God is trying to get may attention. You know I fell about a month and a half ago. That cost somewhere around $1000. what with ER, Dr. glasses and fixing of my rings. Well, this week I hit the basement floor and the same corner of my head and glasses. Earlier, I had also tripped over Dad's O2 line and caught myself on his bedroom door jam, amassing a huge bruise and lump on my forearm. These things are all temporary. How good it is to know that they real things in life are eternal.
Today, I "get" to go to the dentist for 4 fillings. Yuk!
Hope that each one has a blessed day. Love, Mom

Sabrina said...

Hey we just lost the wheel off our lawn mower last night. Unfortunately that is not a luxury item that we can go without replacing... fortunately God has blessed us immensley and we had the money in hand to get a new one that night!
Girls look so cute. Solomon is finally on the up swing so hopefully this coming week we will make the trek over!