Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Special Visit

My brother, Matthew, and four of his kids visited us today! Even though we had just been together in Nebraska it was fun to see him on my turf. :) He and Sarah and the kids are actually up here to Canada for the funeral of Sarah's Aunt Betty Brooks. I was so glad to be able to see most of them while they were here. I missed you, Sarah and Linia!
We took the kids to the park this afternoon for a little fun.

Our little Button girl is 18 months old today!!! And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mom E today!!!


Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Those pictures were so fun. I wish I could have been a little gerbil in Timmy's pocket. Actually, The Doctor, was taken out to rest this morning. Great day for all of you. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Good to see some of the family together in Peterborough. Also this way we see that M. &S. made it to ON.

Who is "The Doctor" that went out to rest?-the question is for anonymous Mom, hope I'm on to the right Mom.

Love, A. Jean

Valerie said...

"Doctor" was Matt and Sarah's gerbil that went the way of small rodents.

Desiree said...

Yea! I am so glad you guys could get together!! That's a great blessing!

Jean said...

That incident with "The Doctor" will be hard for the little folks to take when they return home - I feel sorry for them.
Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Val, it's Heather (Ghent)Sztanyo... Are you feeling any better yet? I didn't know if here or your facebook would be better to message you at, but decided on here. I'm sure this isn't the same as what you're experiencing, but I've been getting episodes of dizziness/nausea/poor equilibrium for years. For me it's a classic symptom of over-doing it. Whenever I get too run-down and overtired I get what seems to be an ear infection, except that it's always brought on by stress rather than swimming or some irritant or something that makes sense. Over the years I've found that what helps me the most is Tylenol Decongestant. That and elevating my head a bit while sleeping and trying not to have any drafts on my ears, especially while sleeping. Oh, and trying to spend equal time on my sides or to sleep in my back so drainage can't affect one side more than the other.

I'm sure you're dealing with something else, and I will be praying for you now that I've read your blog. But I thought I'd pass along that info just in case we deal with the same thing. (I've tried sudafed and other brand decongestants, but for whatever reason, the Tylenol ones work best for me... the big, long, cylindrical looking ones.)