Saturday, July 21, 2007

Update and a few more pictures to enjoy

Update: all the blood work on my lab tests came back looking great. The doctor is convinced that I have labyrinthitis, an inflammation of the inner ear. I am to continue taking a motion sickness medication that he prescribed on Monday. I found that it makes me feel worse, so he said I can just take it at night so it can work while I'm sleeping.

He also gave me a little medication to take to lower my stress levels as needed. I took a half of a tablet yesterday afternoon and could feel the difference right away. For two days I had been a bundle of nerves, pretty much a quivering puddle of anxiety, but after a good nap yesterday and a good night's sleep last night I think I'm doing a little better.

The dizziness and weakness has not gone away. I'm not sure how weakness/shakiness fits in with his diagnosis but am trying to be patient and give my body a chance to settle down and see if the medication will work. The doctor said that if I'm still having trouble next week that he'd try to set up a test with an ear-nose-throat specialist to look in my ear and see what is going on in there. Please keep praying for me and for Dennis and the little girls. Squeaky is especially concerned- "Mommy, are you still sick?"

This is Squeaky's drawing of a "mailbox".

These next three were taken at Dennis' cousin's wedding last weekend. Winnie was such a good girl and went to sleep in gramma's arms.


Valerie said...

whoops, I guess I accidentally deleted Squeaky's mailbox picture.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the little pink dress and panties that Winnine is wearing (as you are holding her) is your little dress, Valerie?
We are still praying. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Hi Val, Glad to see that you have enough energy to blog and also to take a few pictures.

We hope and pray that the doctor can discover the real source of the problem. Also that you will soon get your "normal" health back and be able to cope with the demands of a very busy little family as well as the upcoming changes and move.

Love, A. Jean

The Bradley's said...

Hey Val-
I'm sorry you haven't been feeling so great. Just wanted to say we're thinking and praying for you guys. You've got quite the reponsibility and I'm sure it's overwhelming when you're not feeling yourself! I can hardly cope with me when I'm sick! Anyways...this verse came to mind when I was thinking of you the other day... 2 Cor. 12:9- My grace is sufficient for you, for power is perfected in weakness.
Love you lots Val!