Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Made It

Hello everybody! I am blogging from our new home. Our new wonderful, surprisingly beautiful home! When we arrived today we found out one of the other first year families couldn't make it to training and that as a result we have been placed in a beautiful one year old apartment. It is like a house with four bedrooms and 1 1/4 bathrooms. Dennis and I keep shaking our heads at each other in disbelief. We were prepared for the typical first year apartment that does not have running water. What a blessing! Our apartment is the third one from the left in this picture. That's our uhaul you see in front.
Our new kitchen:

I want to give a HUGE thank you to Jenn, Jordan, Alan, Bill, Andy, Brad, Tanya, Liam, Andrea and Melissa for helping us out these past few days in Peterborough. Another huge thank you to Brad for helping us this morning and to Ron and Sabrina for all your help when we got here. And thank you to everyone else who offered or did other things like watch the girls- Don and Martie, Grace and Manfred and Dominique, Elva, Jenn... I feel like I'm writing a cd album insert, but we really are so very grateful. We love you guys!

Here are a few pictures from the past few days. Below, Winnie wasn't too excited to be ignored while I was cleaning this morning.
Our good friends, John and Elva.


KT said...

So glad you made it safe and sound! What a blessing that new apt is! I'll be praying for you guys! KT

Anonymous said...

Praise The Lord!!
We have been prayed many times since we found out you were going to new tribes that you would be able to get into the new housing last year it was only for 2nd yr students. (We thought you might benefit from running water)LOL. I didn't even know they had 4 bdrm units we've only seen the 2bdrm but I should have known God always blesses beyond what we ask or imagine.

Sarah VE said...

OH WOW.... the Lord really is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or think. I am sooo excited for you... a 4 bedroom that is perfect for you. Can't wait to see more pics of the place. Val the Lord has really been looking out for you and I know you are going to have a very blessed year.

Have fun getting settled in :)and making the place yours.

Anonymous said...

I went to bed rejoicing for you last night. Thank you for sending word of your safe trip, and now the pictures of the big day. We pray that Grampa and Gramma will have a safe trip and that Squeaky and Button will make a smooth adjustment. We love you. You're always in our prayers. Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm so excited that you get such a nice place. A friend of mine cried the first time she saw where she was going to live at New Tribes training. So that is what I was thinking about for you. My friend and her husband are now in Paupa New Guinea and doing great! May you seek Him in all the ups as well as the downs of your new journey! Esther

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a blessing! We're so glad that all went well. We'll be praying for you as you transition.

Anonymous said...

hey your uhaul says Nebraska on it :)
Glad you got such a nice surprise when you arrived. Enjoy settling in. Love you all, Patti

marybeary said...

Happy to hear the move went well. Loving seeing the pics and your new house to live it. It's great! God is good!

Anonymous said...

See God is just doing it for you
He knows our needs b4 we get there and we just bask in
his care and love! So happy for you
Now for the routine to get going on Mon. Hope the girls enjoy all the new experiences

Jean said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

A. jean