Friday, September 14, 2007

Big Girl Bed and other news

Just look at this beaming little face. Squeaky graduated to her big girl bed last night, and she was so excited. We'd set up the bed several days ago and she's been chomping at the bit to sleep in it. I know, some of you didn't know and are probably aghast that I had my 3 1/2 year old in a crib, but I don't think I'll make any apologies for that. It worked great for us since she never ever tried to climb out and would entertain herself in there quite happily if she happened to wake up too early. I sure enjoyed not ever having to chase a 2 year old out of the toy area at 3am.

Another perk is that Squeaky is old enough now to be super excited about the big bed and simply can't wait to wake up and read her books that are stashed in the top shelf of her bed (you can see them in the picture). Last night Dennis went in to check on her a few hours after she went to bed just to make sure she hadn't fallen out or anything. She woke up with a start and gleefully asked, "Is it wake up time?!!?" She wanted to read her books. The rule is, if she wakes up early, she has to sit in bed and read. She can't leave her room until Mommy or Daddy come and get her. This morning I woke her up about 10 minutes earlier than usual to give her a chance to read. It'd be such a shame if she slept through her first golden opportunity to enjoy her big girl bed privileges. :)

Our littlest girlie is figuring out how to sit up on her own. Like I've said before, she really likes to be upright and wants to see everything going on around her.
Last Friday evening we went down for a quick dip in the lake. It was right before the weather turned cold. Ever since her swimming lessons at the YMCA this spring Squeaky just loves the water. She wades right in without hesitation. I'm so glad we put her in classes.

Button was a little hesitant and sat primly on the beach with her ankles crossed.

Then on Saturday we headed back to Peterborough to attend the 40th Anniversary celebration at Westmount. It was great to see many of our friends again (even though it had only been 2 1/2 weeks, it felt like forever). Thanks for letting us stay with you, John and Elva! We had a wonderful time.

Winnie all tuckered out at the Westmount celebration.

BBQ supper outside in the parking lot.

Squeaky and her little boy friend... Jordan and Bill gabbing...Squeaky and her very first Sunday school teacher, Julie.
Jerry and Tanya... (There you go, Jerry, since you like to see the pictures, you can see one of yourself!)

Please pray for our little Button girl. About two weeks ago she came down with a cold, which carried on for several days and instead of pettering out she started having fevers. Then she popped out in this big rash. I finally took her to the doctor who said it was roseola, a harmless childhood disease that you can only get once. Sure enough, the rash has disappeared and most of her symptoms are slowly going away too, but the poor little girl is extremely cranky all the time. She is teething four molars and a couple eye-teeth all at once and simply cannot understand why she feels so terrible. So please pray that she will respond to our directions without making too much of a stink- going to meetings in public with her right now is very embarrassing since she spends much of the time screeching at the top of her lungs. But I will admit that this is a very good opportunity to learn patience and reasons not to fear what other people think of me. :)


Anonymous said...

These pictures are all wonderful, I'll have to call and congratulate Squeak on her new bed!!
Aunt Bee

Coeur d'Court said...

My children have had roseola and yes, they were CRANKS! But it passes once the rash totally clears up. I know they say the rash isn't irritating but my midwife told me once that she had it when she was old enough to remember and her claims were this: "it was miserably and itched so bad! Don't believe the doctor when he says it's not irritating because it IS!"

I will pray your girls feel better soon and the sickness in your home passes quickly as well.

I always enjoy your blogs -- esp. with all the changes you've had recentely. The Lord bless you Val!

Jer said...

Thanks Val! Careful though or you'll expose my darkest secrets! o_O

Desiree said...

Val, I am totally aghast! Not that she was still in the crib, but that she never tried to climb out!?!?!? Abby climbs out of everything! She climbs up the kids bunk bed. She can even unbuckle the belt in the high chair and climb out with the tray still on! Count your blessings!

Desiree said...

PS - that bed is so cute!! I can tell she loves it! Sweet.

Pat VE said...

I wrote a comment here yesterday and made one mistake and when I went to fix it, I started eating up all of the following words. How can I correct something without that happening? I told about how you, Valerie, left your crib at age 3 and we put you in a full size (double)bed. You looked like a postage stamp in the corner of an envelope. We wanted to have double bed availabe for company. I don't remember what else I said, but I have surely enjoyed the pictures They're (girls) all three little treasures. All of you are, as well. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the great pics and the update :) Congrats to Squeaky on her new bed. It looks like a fun place to sleep...and with books waiting for you in the morning...who wouldn't want to stay in bed. Hope it goes well. With Jaja night time was never a problem in her big bed just afternoon nap for some reason. Oh well, that stage has passed. So nice to see you all in pics. love ya, Patti

Sabrina said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see her new big girly bed! I'm with Desiree, how could she have never even tried to climb out! Incredible.
Well on ward and up that you have one in a bed the other two will be closer behind I'm sure! Noah tries to sleep in Solomons bed daily!
Our prayers go up for little button. Noah too has been out of sorts lately. Teeth we figure.

Jean said...

That is the the pretiest little (big) girl bed. So glad that Squeaky could move to a big girl bed before she was too long for a crib. Ha!

Hope Button soon gets over her CRANKY season. If all symptoms of illness and teething clear up and the Crankiness continues ( I sure hope not) put it down to the recent changes in her little life.

I am going to be CRANKY soon with this loud unbearable music that A. has blasting in his room. Of course if we'd purchase a new computer I wouldn't have to sit right beside the speakers.

Lots of love, A. Jean

PS He just came and turned it off - bless his heart.

Jenn Webb said...

Wow, the girls are growing up so fast!

Miss you guys, but glad we had a blast together last weekend.