Saturday, September 08, 2007

Week 2

Well, here we are at the end of week two. This week the girls were still sick and had to stay home from childcare for three out of the four school days. Dennis and I each took turns attending classes- one of us would go for the first half of the morning and the other for the second half.

We still managed to find some fun things to do. One day we got the girls out by taking a walk back to Jungle Camp. For those who haven't heard about Jungle Camp, you will in 8 months or so! :) It is a four week period where we have to live out in the "Jungle" and we aren't allowed out. It encourages planning, reliance on God and oodles of other things that we need to learn. Anyway, we hiked back to the camp area to see what there was to see. There are a few more permanent structures back there which are mainly staff homes. I'm not sure what purpose the triangular hut has but the girls had fun in it.
The following picture is of Button's obsession with her dirty feet and shoes. Her little "crocs" have holes in the top and sides. She must have done her little cleaning routine at least 7 times while we were out there. Here's the process: She had to sit down, say "shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo foot foot foot foot foot foot foot foot" constantly while struggling to pop off her shoes, and then once she finally got the shoes off she'd brush her feet off with her hands ("dirty dirty dirty dirty") and then try to stuff them back into her little pink shoes again. Invariably she'd need help with that step. It took a long time.

Today for the second half of class we took a walk around the perimeter of the property here. Here are a few of the sights. I got a little ribbing from one of our classmates about looking like a tourist. :)
The property originally was built over a gravel pit, so the back part is still very much like that. It really is a beautiful and unique campus- 70 + acres of woods, cedar forests, two little spring-fed lakes, a fresh spring water well (drinkable water right from the ground, so good), and we can't forget the gravel pits.
The walk was a lot of fun but I was pretty tired and hot afterward, hence the bright red face. We found puffball mushrooms to take home. I cooked up one of mine (sliced and sauted in olive oil with garlic) and gave the other one away. Squeaky was quite impressed with the size of the mushroom, but wasn't as impressed with the finished cooked product. :)
Winnie is growing up before our eyes. She loves to be upright now. She is still as pleasant and good natured as ever.


Pat VE said...

It looks like you are enjoying the campus and nice weather. I do hope the girls are over their colds. Thank you so much for pictures of everyone in the family. The one of S and B on the A-frame house porch--I really had to study to determine which one was which.
Sending lots of love and always praying. Love, Dad and Mom
P.S. I try to read your blogs to Dad, but don't always remember to. He did hear this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi you guys, I'm praying for you often and checking in daily. God bless you,

Pat VE said...

How did you know that the mushrooms were edible? Mom

nicole said...

i miss you

Jean said...

How did the mushrooms taste? A few years back we found some very nice mushrooms out at the camp and after consulting the locals determined that they were etable so cooked them up and enjoyed them - the biggest problem with them was that once they were picked they deteriorated very fast into a black mushy mess. Something like manna that breeded worms on the second day.

I hope you have warm weather by the time of jungle camp - ON might be a little cool in the winter.

Love, A. Jean

Jean said...

So Button has "senstive toes" I am in total agreement with her - for this reason I rarely wear sandals. Love, seeing all your girls.
Love, Aunt Jean