Monday, September 03, 2007

Checking In

Wow! What a busy week! I think I'll have to post more often because now I'm sitting here wondering what exactly to write about when everything I've done this week has been new!

Monday started off our orientation here. That meant getting up and going for 9am. Which was actually nicer than the rest of the week when we had to get up at 6:30 in order to be ready for class at 8am. Pretty tough for this mommy who is used to setting my own schedule and rolling out of bed around 8am. It has been tough on the girls too. I think by the end of the week we were getting a little more used to it.

We've had a few social events that have been fun and have helped in introducing us to our new friends here. We had a barbeque down by the lakes one evening. Of course I forgot my camera. Yesterday our next door neighbor had us all over for a delicious breakfast. I was so grateful to be invited out as I've really been struggling with loneliness since our move. The neighbors were really nice and I am glad to have made that connection with them.

Yesterday morning after breakfast we went into town to see their fall fair parade. It was fun for the girls- their first parade. It was definitely small townish. :) We were pleased to find out that we were sitting at the beginning of the parade and all the clowns threw candy at us. Squeaky was most impressed by the bagpipe band. "Badbites" she called them as she marched around our house banging on a plastic bowl yesterday.

We were invited out to a classmates home tonight as well but our girls have all come down with a nasty cold. They were planning to have supper and then play some games so Dennis went over after we got our sickies into bed.

This coming week has four last days of orientation before real classes start. We have labor day (tomorrow) off. I've really been enjoying the orientation so far as much of it has been devotional and encouraging spiritually. It has helped me to remember why we came here since the last few weeks were so chaotic with the move.


Pat VE said...

Dear Dennis and Valerie,
It was good to get a re-cap of the week, but I'm sorry that the other girls have the colds or whatever, too. Do you think it is a factor of the day-care arrangement? I know kids can get sick in their own environment. Hope they get better quick.
We had Barb, Lyle and Diane for supper and a nice visit this evening. Dad didn't get too worn out. We are planning on having the ones from the assembly for a picnic tomorrow evening, D.V. This afternoon I made up 9 lbs. of ground beef into hamburgers. I didn't count how many that made. I think there should be enough.
We have had warm/moderately hot days and cool nights. The cat that has been using our porch this summer is back. He sits on the cushions of our chairs. I took them off tonight. I would have sprayed the invisible fence stuff, but it stinks badly for a couple of days. It does last for some time.
Hope you have a restful labor day. Remember Labor Day 1998 when Desiree went into real labor and Bailey wasn't born until Wed. night? Whew!
We are praying for you a lot. Trust you will meet some good friends there. I know what loneliness is. I know too that the Lord Jesus is an all-time Friend. Love to all, Hugs and kisses for S,B and W. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Hi Val and Dennis,

Your girls are looking as cute as ever. Maybe the hair cut a little whle ago has given Button a different appearance - I might not have recognized her.

Do all the trainees meet together for worship on Sundays or do you each go to the place of your own choice?

If I google New Tribes Missions will I find a full discription of their work and training? I haven't time to try it right now but I think it might be a good idea for me to do it soon.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

We look forward to getting your phone number if they get you wired up!
Miss you on msn!
Praying for the colds and i know you have to miss classes but it does help you to have time with them as they must surely need a bit of extra "mommy time" in all the change! Aren't they smart to keep the whole family out of the day care when one gets a cold..... or do they just infect the family more? oh my!

Sabrina said...

Awesome Valerie, We have been praying for real spiritual connection for you. And that God would just bless the pants off you guys!!!!
Glad to hear you are settling in.
Let me know when colds have come to a reasonable visitable point!
Love R&S, BSN

Dennis & Valerie said...

ooMom, I'm not sure if it is a factor of the childcare that the girls got sick or simply that they are really run down since the move. I think they are finally on the mend.

Aunt Jean, Button wasn't the one who had the hair cut, but I agree that she looks different in that picture! Her curls go flat in certain weather.

David and Amy Campsall said...

Hey Val, I'm glad to hear that you arrived and are started in on classes. Also glad to hear people are on the mend from little colds. I see the picture of squeaky has a placemat on the table and we have those too! I have bought a couple different ones.. they are great for learning and also keeping mine busy if i'm a little slow at getting supper to the table or if we have company and they are done before us and want dessert! haha. Well i prayed this morning wondering what would be profitable to share with you from my recent reading. This verse has had some influence on me in the last while.. it's simple but effective.


where is there?in the context..Lystra, Derbe and the the region that lieth round about..

but for me.. they preached the gospel where THEY WERE.
I need to be reminded that there is no need to wait for a specific call to somewhere else.. preach the gospel now.. this is my call.

A christian minister once said, "I was never of any use until I found out that God did not intend me to be a great man." (this was a quote from a poem book i have)
Anyway.. not sure why this seemed to be the verse to share.. maybe it's more for my heart then yours but nevertheless....
God bless you in this work!
Lots of love