Sunday, September 23, 2007

Family Visit

I haven't gotten a chance to post the pictures from last weekend. Ron and Sabrina came to see us! We had fun walking back to jungle camp and showing them around. Thanks for coming, guys! The kids had a great time scouting out the staff homes that are up out there. The boys gravitated toward the large machinery (our girls have never really noticed it) that is being used for the building projects here on campus. They are digging the foundation for another 6plex apartment unit which will be hopefully up and running by the start of next school year.


Jean said...

Usually boys have a way of noticing the large machinery I suppose that parents start by pointing out all the big guys as you travel here and there with the boys. Our grandson, T. notices all the big guys also - he calls them all loaders. WE picked him up and brought him to our place on Thurs. He talked all the time in the car particularly noticing small white cars (he thought they were his Dad's),beg trucks and "loaders".

So nice that you could have some of the family visit.

Love, A. Jean

Pat VE said...

I enjoyed these pictures and the ones on FB. Such cute little girls. Hope you've had a wonderful day. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi there Valerie
Glad you keep us all up to date We hope to see you soon....such a fun website for Grandparents.
Love to all!
He knoweth the way that I take.........He has plans for you for your good, not evil...... Keep your eye on our perfect LEADER!
Translation acc. to Marg:)

Sabrina said...
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Sabrina said...

Drats you caught me on camera!!! I am at this weird growing out phase in my hair life... so I do my utmost to avoid cameras! But it is a great shot of Ron and pumpkin. Glad to have come Kiddo REALLY enjoyed herself and has shared with everyone her enthusiasim for sleeping out with you guys next year!
Thanks for having us.... hopefully see you this weekend, here
Love to all

(sorry to all whoa re wondering why the last one was contained a few comical errors!)