Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three Peas in a Pod

Our three little girls are so precious. They fill our days with laughter and chaos. It is really cute to see Winnie starting to interact with her sisters. She loves to sit up and watch them play. Squeaky really likes Winnie but largely ignores her if we don't remind her to give her attention. Button really likes Winnie too and is always trying to give her things and console her when she's crying, "It OK, Kin." One thing that Button isn't too crazy about it is when we stand Winnie up on her feet. It scares Button and she usually runs away crying. "Give her a hug," we say. "Noooooooo..." she wails and runs as far as she can.

Squeaky is really into using lots of words in sentences that don't make sense. The other day she said at breakfast, "Mommy, I think I should throw you away and go home! It's nice to pet some doggies. And the doggies lick you so much. I love them so hard....ness." All of this is said with the utmost seriousness.


Pat VE said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of these sweet little girls. It is fun to get in on the chaos, even if it is in the making of sentences by Squeaky. I wonder if Button feels threatened when Winnie is standing. Have a fun weekend. Love to all--Dad and Mo
P.S. I wish Dad could see the pictures. He prays for each of you.

Jean said...

Does Winnie wave on her own or did you just happen to catch the right movement? Your Three Peas in a Pod are so cute.

It seems that 3 year olds can come up with some unique sayings. Try to record some of them for the future as they can be interesting reminders in the years to come.

I put some of Andrew's sayings next to the pictures that had to do with it. This isn't always possible because you don't have the chance to take a picture of certain things that happen.

Love, A. Jean