Thursday, October 04, 2007

Quick Update

Today we are going on a canoe trip! Every year the students break up into groups and maneuver down the Saugeen River. Our group heads out today after classes this morning. So I'll have to hurry home and get the kids fed and in bed before that. The trip is only a few miles, but it is down a very windy part of the river and will likely take all afternoon. I'm really looking forward to it as the leaves are really beautiful this time of year.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. We plan to head out tomorrow night to Dennis' parent's place to gather with his family. Hopefully we'll get lots of fun pictures of the girls with their cousins, aunts and uncles and Grampa and Gramma!
So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have so much to praise the Lord for.

The girls enjoyed getting a postcard from Gramma last week. :)


Pat VE said...

Wish I could come over and babysit this afternoon. Have a fun time canoeing. Remember the Niobrara? I left a lot of aluminum scratches on rocks. They're probably gone by now. Is the river deep? Guess you'll know more when you get back. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Have a great afternoon canoeing. do you have to keep two toddlers in the canoe on this paddling trip? Just think what the aborigonals had to go through when they traveled with their toddlers - may be ones the age of Button were still papooses.

I loved the two canoe trips we took this late summer. It is still so beautiful here today - would be so tempting to get out for some fun activity. U. H. is going to be painting this afternoon as soon as the temp. is up to 15c. I hope to do a little garden work.

Happy thanksgiving

Love, A.Jean

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day for a canoe trip :) Have lots of fun :) Wish we were going canoeing this afternoon!! Instead, we have dentist appointments so we won't even get a chance to play outside in the nice sunshine. Oh well, gotta get those teeth cleaned once in a while. Jaja is quite excited to go to the dentist so I guess we'll just try to enjoy it like her.:) see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Have fun and see you soon!!

like tomorrow night!!

Desiree said...

Cute!!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Anniversary!

Jean said...

Happy Anniversary! - i had fogotten but Des' comment reminded me.
Love to both of you. A. Jean

Dennis & Valerie said...

Thanks everybody! We had fun on the canoe trip but had several tense moments. We still love each other and our marriage is intact. I'll post some pictures soon.

Laura Hurdle said...

Hope the Saugeen River didn't turn out to be the Soggy River. It surely would if I ever tried to canoe anywhere!