Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fun Times

There are many fun things to do here. For example, we usually have a "social" once or twice a month where we get together as a group and do something fun. So far we've had several family potluck style picnics and barbeques down by the lake, a ladies "Getting to Know You" night, and the guys had a night of playing lawn games, watching a movie projected onto a screen hanging from one of the staff home balconies, and eating meat. The guys got a funny pep talk beforehand all about the amount of meat they would be able to consume that evening.

Last night we had a family fun night. Each family was asked to make a booth for the fun night. Dennis made a little mini golf hole out of some 2 by 4's from the scrap pile. He did a great job! We called it Dog-Leg Mini Putt. Other booths at the fair included a candy toss, bobbing for apples, a lollipop game, bean bag toss and other typical games. We had a hot dog barbeque and we all contributed either chips or dessert squares. The kids had so much fun. Squeaky (kid #1 for those of you who've never heard the nickname) really loved the lollipop lady. She was a second year student who dressed up in a princess style costume and painted rosy little circles on her cheeks. Squeaky couldn't take her eyes off her; she thought she was a real princess.

The kids kept winning candy as prizes- I tried to limit the intake but they sure enjoyed the special treats!
One of the staff members had a bunch of games for the adults and teens. One of them was picking marbles out of jello with your toes. Dennis won. :)

A friend had a face painting booth. She painted a beautiful glittery butterfly on Squeaky's face.Button attempted to bob for apples.Winnie and I posed for the classic American Gothic farmer picture.


Jean said...

Precious pictures of all of you. Sounds like you are having a fun time as well as the time of training and preparation.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

I've never laughed so hard as I did at that last picture--hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

Like Bee I laughed and laughed at that last pic :) Thanks for such a good laugh!!! I even called Bruce over to see it. It's priceless. So funny!!
I enjoyed the rest too. Nice to see y'all having fun with your new friends. Nice mini golf, Den. You always wanted to build a mini golf course. Now you've got your first hole.