Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thanksgiving in Review

Last weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. We had the joy of spending the weekend with Dennis' family- all 17 of us! It was a crowded and active weekend. Eight of the 17 are kids, but we had lots of fun!
Lots of time was spent outside- especially the kids. They have great fun in Gramma and Grampa's sandbox and running around the backyard. One evening we had a campfire in the backyard and the kids enjoying chasing each other around while we adults lazed around the fire.
Check out these cute pictures.


marybeary said...

i LOVE the photo's it makes me wanna run out side and take some of my boys in leaves...mmmmm

Pat VE said...

Sounds like fun. I don't think our Thanksgiving will be as weather-friendly, though it could be. (Nov. 25) The pictures are great. Maybe you could send a little better closeup of Aria. Makes me grateful for when you can all come. It is a real sacrifice. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving. How many siblings does Dennis have? The one fellow in the loser right corner must be his brother the resemblance is too much for other wise.

The kids for the most part seemed to be having a good time. Button was a little out of sorts in the one picture. Love them all!

The trees were beautiful. Ours are looking a little bearer this week end.

Love, A. Jean

Dennis & Valerie said...

Aunt Jean, the guy in the lower right corner is married to Dennis' older sister. :) I guess he does look a little like Dennis, although I've never really thought of that before. :)

Button was scared to be up in the tree, but it is a tradition to put each kid up there each year. Poor little thing. :)

I've updated our ministry blog and there are some cute pictures on there plus a really good one of Button.

Dennis & Valerie said...

Oh, and Dennis has three siblings, two sisters and one brother. He is #3 in the lineup.

Anonymous said...

those are some great pictures. Looks like fun. I haven't seen marg easton for a while..but she looks the same as I remember her. she's a lovely lady!I'm glad you have family nearby and that for now the children are able to enjoy getting to know them. Thanks for the update.. The fall colours are really nice here now too.
Love Amy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pics. It really was a fun weekend. I enjoyed seeing the kids playing together. Our girls talk about all their cousins now. Not just "cousin". :) And she, bye the way sometimes even gets called by her proper name. It was good too to see you and Den and hear a little more about your new life. We love youse ;)