Monday, October 29, 2007

Introducing.... Monster

This is Monster, or Munchster if you are not quite two years old and have a hard time saying it. She is the newest member of our household, fresh from the pet store yesterday. She is a furry little thing, quite energetic (after 5pm) and very cute with her beady little black eyes. We have been wanting to get a little pet to enjoy for the next two years or so while we are still in Canada. Although I really prefer gerbils, we decided that a hamster would be a calmer alternative for the girls. This little hamster is one of the cuter ones- she's actually a Teddy Bear Hamster, which is definitely a cuter name than just "hamster".

Button named her. We kept asking Squeaky to think of a name and she kept coming up with real winners like "Lice-y" and "Lizno". Finally we decided to go with what Button was crowing over and over, "Munchster, munchster!" It is cute and really easy for the girls to remember.

The girls had fun helping Daddy put the wood chips in the cage and set up the little hamster toys. Monster has been spending her first full day here sleeping, but I expect that she'll be waking up later this evening for a romp. The cage came from our niece who has moved on to fish. She also gave us all her extra wood chips, food, cotton bedding, water bottle and the best thing of all- a teeny tiny little harness so we can take Monster for a walk! Hee, hee, won't that be cute! So thank you so much, Miss B. E.!


Pat VE said...

Oh how cute. In the first picture, I thought it was a chick. A Teddy bear Hamster! What does Canada know about Teddy bears? Well, anyway, it looks like the girls are all excited, even Winnie, and Daddy and Mommy too. What fun. Did you get is Sat.? Love, hugs and kisses, Gr. and Gr. Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

:) I can't wait to see the pics of the hamster going for a walk :) that's too funny!! Enjoy your new toy. Love to all. Patti

Anonymous said...

Munchster, is such a great name!! I like it cause it munches on everything!! Glad you folks finally have a pet again!!
Miss B.E. senior :)
aka Aunt Bee

Sarah said...

I have always thought Teddy Bear hamsters were very cute. We are waiting a bit to get another pet.. though I know the kids would love one again.

HEY Mom VE.... Canada is where Winnie the Pooh came from. So Canada knows a whole lot about Teddy Bears even if they didn't have a President named "Teddy".


Pat VE said...

A. Jean is out of town, or she would be on in no time flat to tell the tale of Winnie the Pooh--supposedly from Wpg. But "Teddy Bears" those are truly American.
Teddy bear hamsters? They're probably some Asian hamster with and Am. name.

Jean said...

Munchster - love that name it really sounds German. My first impression of the first pix was that the new pet is a duckling - I think you better come up with a better protrate of that guy in the near future as at least two of us were confused.

If we were closer we could give you a supply of new wood chips still stored in our attic that are left from the days when Mark had a hampster.

May the whole family enjoy the new addition.

Love, A. Jean