Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Look Who's Eating

Winnie just entered the world of solid food on Saturday. She was far more interested in wrenching the spoon out of my hands than she was in the rice cereal. Cutie! She's also sitting up on her own now. It is fun to be able to just put her down on the floor with a toy and she can entertain herself.
The girls were excited to find Larry and Bob in our Good Food Box! The good food box is a bunch of produce that someone buys all at once and divies up. We got all this for $12. It is really great quality and will last us a long time.


Pat VE said...

Sweet pictures of little Winnie. She is progressing nicely. Wow! Birthday party here tonight. Wish you could come. Mom

Jean said...

Larry and Bob are looking like fine salad ingredients - how are you going to be able to put them to their best use if they have such personal names? Squeaky & Button seem to be enjoying showing off their new friends.

So is Winnie six months now? It seems like a long time to wait to start on cereal but I guess the ideas now are quite different from a quarter of a century ago. She really looks like a very strong young girl so I guess she is getting plenty of nourishment.

Love, A. Jean

Laura said...

Violet and Quinn have the same swing. :) You held out feeding her until 6 months? Wow! Raychel did the same thing with Kayla. I couldn't do it. Violet needed her solids so maybe just maybe I could have a chance of sleeping through the night. :)