Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Fresh Perspective

I figured that since most of the pictures I get of the kids are taken head-on I'd post some other views. That way you can see:
The girls getting along and taking turns (doesn't happen all the time, folks!)

Button's bottom teeth (I know you've always wanted to see them): How Squeak likes to play "sleeping" during playtime:
You can give me suggestions on how to break the fingersucking habit and see how tiny Squeaky's nose still is: And Winnie's chubby little cheeks! (Don't worry, they get pinched quite often.)
Here is Button trying to fit into Winnie's seat. "Be a baby?" she says. Poor little girl wasn't a baby for long. :(

And we wondered why the beachball won't hold air anymore:

And finally, we celebrated Thanksgiving last week with all our friends here! It was the best potluck I've ever been to. Every traditional thanksgiving dish was present in various forms. How do you like your potatoes? Whipped with cheese? With sour cream? What kind of pie would you like- pumpkin, apple, creamy pumpkin, apple with sugar sprinkled on top, cherry, pumpkin roll?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Pat VE said...

2What a delightful blog--pictures of the ordinary and extraordinary. How fun! Do you have a card table? Folding table? Do you remember making tents? You've probably done that for the girls. Depending on how they get along, it can occupy hours of playtime. A book hideout, dolls/house, etc. Flashlights are fun too. Wish I could be there. I see you have posted something about Christmas ideas. I shall go there. I love you. Mom

Jean said...

A way back in the dark ages when I was sucking my thumb I got "cure" real quick when I got an infection in my mouth and it was to sore to suck anything - that is what my Mom said I don't remember. I do remember that Your Mom sucked her thumb for quite a while - you'll have to ask her. Andrew just about takes the cake having sucked his fingers until he was about 10 or 12 years.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. Sorry we didn't end up over there this weekend, have a good last few weeks of school and see you Christmas week!! (I 'll have to call soon to have a chat with the girls)

David and Amy Campsall said...

Hey Val what great pictures. You know just yesterday i was on the phone with someone and chloe was really quiet(surprising isn't it.. ) but after i was done and hung up out she came from her room so I went in to find "the mess" there was none... i asked her what she had been doing all that time. She said " I was snuggling with my dog( her big floppy stuffed dog) on her bed. :) They often do that on the floor with blankets and pillows too. It looks like they are enjoying there new home. Hope you are too. Did I tell you we are going to be in Ontario for Christmas? flying into Toronto on the 22nd of december. leaving the 31st. Well have a great day!

Anonymous said...

:) Our girls are really into playing sleeping the last couple of weeks too!! How funny :)

Sabrina said...

Glad you got some good home cooking last weekend!