Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Christmas, Shopping, and Other Fun Things, like Family

We traveled to Nebraska last week for a visit with my family last week. Although our visits take on a different feel now that we have three little kids, for me the feeling of being "home" for Christmas is very much the same.

My mom has to be one of the most creative Grandmas around. It seems like every time I turn around she's whipping out some clever activity or game to do with the kids. The girls jump around excitedly and love it. They made sugar cookies together, played with Mr. Elephant who directs music, played Candy Land, play-doh, coloring, scrambled some eggs, played music together using recorders, tiny xylophones and pan-lid cymbals, and decorated tiny mittens for Grandma's Christmas tree. And you can't forget the lap that is always available for some hugs and loving.

Dennis and I enjoyed shopping, shopping, more shopping- until we didn't enjoy it anymore but had to find more things on our "list". We really enjoyed the visit with my Dad and Mom, Matt and Sarah and kids and getting together with friends from my chapel in Lincoln for carols and treats. One day we visited the Omaha zoo with Matt, Sarah and their kids. We had our family Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve.


Pat VE said...

What a treat for New Year's Eve--going to your blog and seeing all the reminders of our wonderful time together. You didn't mention Dennis sharing with the assembly about your call to missions. That was a very special part of your visit and it is so exciting to pray and wonder where God may send you. We treasure your visit and now have the great pictures to enjoy. Hope your day with the Easton's is very special. We send them our love. To you too. Mom and Dad

Jean said...

You will have these special memories to cherish during the many times when you are far from family. Your girls will also have many good memories of being with their grandparents and other extended family.

We cherish the many times we traveled to DM to be a part of the Ferris family Christmas.

Happy New Year and best wishes for continued success in your studies.

Love, A. Jean