Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I'm Oooooooooold

I turned another year older two days ago. We all had the stomach flu this week, so my birthday wasn't overly or actively celebrated, but a few special things happened. Dennis gave me a giant Toblerone chocolate bar. This is my first personal Toblerone, pretty exciting stuff.
This next picture documents the cutest birthday treat. After watching Daddy give me the Toblerone, Squeaky started running around the house. "I need a bag! I need a bag!!!" This went on for quite some time as she rummaged through nearly every room on the first floor. Finally what she had been saying over and over registered with my consciousness and I asked, "Squeak, what do you need a bag for?" She said in an exasperated tone, "I need! A bag! For Mommy's birthday!!!!"

So Daddy found her a bag, and she filled it with the ponies that we had given her for Christmas, a pink plastic bracelet, and the stuffed bear we had given Winnie for Christmas. She presented these things to me as a birthday gift. I thought it was so precious that she would want to give of her own accord. Although some explanation may need to be made to her concerning giving things away that aren't her own.... :) Winnie-girl is on the move! In the week since we've returned from Nebraska this little girl is all over the place. Up on her knees, scooting around backwards on her tummy, finding miniscule crumbs to eat from who knows where, getting into power cords and computer cases. It is all quite cute and dangerous. She isn't crawling yet, but she is making valiant efforts!

Here is her 8 month picture, taken on Dec. 31st instead of the 13th (whoops, poor third-born).


Pat VE said...

Nothing like your kids to help you appreciate what a birthday is all about. What sweet pictures. Sorry your weren't "top-notch" that day. I just can't believe that Winnie is doing all that. When she was here, she just sat in one spot or laid in one spot. Great goin' Winnie. Have a fun week. Love, Mom

Jean said...

Such a huge Toblerbone must be a great antidote for the stomach flu. Of course it won't rot so you can eat at it later when the tummy is in a better mood.

Looks like you had a memorable birthday even though not the "norm".

Love, A. Jean

Inside Out said...

Happy Birthday, sorry we didn't get together!