Saturday, December 15, 2007

Semester Gone

This was our last day of class for this semester. It is hard to believe. We had a little pizza party today before we all go our separate ways for Christmas. We also managed to get a picture of our entire class together for the first time! Look at all those kids!

Tuesday night was our Christmas party. For this one we had a babysitter come over and watch the girls. A fun gift exchange was the event of the evening, after eating festive finger foods, of course! Dennis got some chocolate and I received flavored ground coffee~ yum!


Anonymous said...

looks fun and yummy!! Happy holiday time!!

Pat VE said...

I see that I'm the 27th visitor for today, but you must have posted these SUPER GOOD pictures just recently. They are sooooo good. Will they be on a disk? Or is it a disc? I am getting really excited about your coming down. Praying that you'll have a safe trip and no car or people trouble. I just hope I can get these dishes done and they'll be put away before you get here. I've been working on them all afternoon. Love, Mom

HopiQ said...

Those don't look like just any ole chocolates!!!

Jean said...

Sweet pictures - you always post the best pictures. I suppose you just don't post the ones that don't turn out or show too many flaws. Ha.

Val, your hair looks nice a little curled.

Hope you don't have too long a wait on the bridge from Sarnia to Port Huron ( or is it the the otherway around?) those hold ups seem so long to us when at the worst at Emerson you might have to wait half an hour. Oh for the joys of international travel.

Love, A. Jean

Dennis & Valerie said...

Well, thanks for the compliments everybody, but believe me- I can find plenty of faults in those pictures I posted. :)

Joan said...

You and your family look great in these pics. The back drop looks great! ;)

Hope your time in Nebraska is going well and makes up for all the crazy driving you had to do to get there and coming back!