Saturday, January 19, 2008


Look at this little cutie!


Jean said...

I like how you captured the action. Winnie gets there even if it isn't the traditional way. She had a cute bounce.

Uncle H. says "On solids, eh?" reference to the last frame.

Jean said...

I am trying the tortilla mix this evening. What is your recipe? This dough that I made according to the package instructions seems pretty soft I don't know what kind of a mess I'll get into when I start to pat them out.

KT said...

Your "baby" is truly turning "toddler" on you - or maybe "slitherer" is more accurate! Happy Weekend to you and yours!

Pat VE said...

That was a very cute video. She'll be out of site in no time. Love you, Mom

David and Amy Campsall said...

I liked hearing the girls in the background. Where i've never met your children it's cute to hear them:) "aria, big plant little plant" haha.. how old is winnie now anyway? i can hardly believe she's already crawling! Very fun.