Thursday, January 24, 2008

I feel like a horrible mother...

...And aunt, daughter, sister, wife, friend.... you get the picture.

Let me explain. While at the chiropractor's office today, a friend asked me if I was looking forward to Button's birthday tomorrow.

"What? Birthday? Noooo.... it can't be." I nearly started bawling when I realized that she was right, and I had forgotten all about it. Button is turning two tomorrow, Jan. 24. Same day its been for the past two years.

I have to put up with this kind of forgetfulness all the time! I'd love to be the kind of person who never forgets a special day and sends just the right gift at the right moment... but I need to face the facts; this is not my area of giftedness. I think I should just write "Happy Birthday" on here and just list all the people who I'd like to remember for the next year.

So, to all my family, brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, parents, in-laws and friends...



I love you very much.

(My lack of remembering your special day is not an indicator of my love for you.)

Now, please excuse me while I go cry for all the forgotten birthdays, and try to scrounge something up for poor little Button.


Inside Out said...

I wouldn't worry about it, when you get to the age of her and most of the rest of us, we don't want to be reminded! Don't mind me if next August I say to you, "yeah, yeah, you already told me."

I've had days when I forgot my own birthday, when I was at camp.

HopiQ said...

I am SO with you on this one. Every family member has had to suffer through late cards and profuse apologies due to my forgetfulness. It drives me nuts...I seem to remember a time when I felt on top of things, organized...but I seem to have lost it. It is frustrating. There must be a solution. Meanwhile, I will continue to offer up late cards, gifts, and apologies.

P.S. We've missed two anniversaries in December. Do you think they are still waiting for cards?

Pat VE said...

Has the box arrived for Button from here. I forgot M & S's anniv. Actually, I thought of it earlier last week, then not until Monday. Once I completely forgot my mother-in law's BD. There are certain times of the year that I'm more apt to forget. Just make it a special day for Button and I'm sure she won't miss out. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Ahh, you would've remembered when we all started to call her!!

Jean said...


Well at least you were reminded in time to do something about it and still be on time.

I am sure you'll think of something a 2 year old can do that is fun. Get the older sister to help with the ideas.

Love, A. Jean

Jean said...

The big T was over to visit this morning so I got him up on my lap here at the computer & showed him some pictures of your girls, D&D's kids and he first called them his friends then I told him they were cousins and he called them cousins. He actually called Ben by the name of a cousin on Cammie's side of the family.

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it... What's worse: forgetting your child's birthday or dreading it. I can dread them because I don't have the time or energy to make them special... But God if so faithful and it always turns out. So have a great day! And please forgive me for all my forgetting as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy B\day to Button
Here's your forgetful Aunt too!
Hope you had a happy day :) From all the pics I`ll bet you did!

Val, Just see from all these comments that you`re not alone. None of us are condemning you so go easy on yourself. :)
love ya,