Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Bithday, Button!

Terrible... terrific... tremendous... terrifying...

Regardless of the term we use, there is no getting around it- our Button just turned two.

A little about Button. She is a bundle of energy and often catches us by surprise by her intensity in tackling life. She wears her heart on her sleeve, loving deeply and wailing enthusiastically when she doesn't approve of something. Some of our sweetest moments are when she throws her soft, chubby little arms around our necks and says unprompted, "I luv loo." We pray for our little Button that she will love Jesus with her whole heart and walk with Him through life.

A few weeks ago I took Squeaky to a store to pick out a gift for her sister. She is starting to get the idea of giving and we wanted to give her an opportunity to show love to her sister. She was so excited as she ran around the store yelling "Mommy, MOMMY, look at this!" in the high pitched excited voice that only an uninhibited preschooler possesses. After giving a little instruction on the use of inside voices we examined everything as a possibility for the gift. She finally chose this little furry flower. :)

Oh, and yes, I did get my act together slightly and made some Jello jigglers instead of cake. We're saving the cake for this weekend when we are hoping to get together with Dennis' family.


Pat VE said...

Happy birthday, dear Aria
Happy birthday to you.
What a special little girl you are.
Love, Gr. and Gr.

Jean said...

Looks like a sucessful party. I bet Button didn't even realize that her Mommy had a slight lasp of memory the day before.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for wrapping the gift for me :) What an extra special two year old!!
Ant Bee

Dennis & Valerie said...

:) You like the great wrapping job, Bee? ;)

Turns out Squeaky is sick so she and I are at home today while Dennis took the other two girls to visit the family. It was an opportunity to explain to Squeaky the concept of disappointment and what to do with it. It was a big deal for her because we were already down the road when she started looking sick and we had to turn around.

I am very disappointed too but trying to be a good example. I am looking forward to a long nap this afternoon, though!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great pics sorry we missed you...we were just too sick
Jaja has a request for a video of cousin next (hint hint)
oh and our new computer has a webcam so maybe someday we'll learn how to let them talk and see each other like you do with Bee