Sunday, February 03, 2008

For Cousin

This is for Jaja, but everyone else can enjoy it too. :)


Anonymous said...

I remember teaching that first song to her last April going to the hospital to meet her new baby sister. It reminds me that Button couldn't walk and here I was the ambitious aunt deciding to load them in the van and take the two little girls to the hospital when Button was soooo heavy, but then you did that all the time with another baby inside too, good for you!!
Aunt Bee

Jean said...

So cute. Love the way Button gets ALL involved in the actions. Squeaky has a very sweet singing voice and does very well with the words.

If A. Jean would sing "I will make you fishers of men" like that a few time every day she wouldn't have to take such long walks for exercise.

Love you all, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!I'll be sure to show JaJa tomorrow!! and leave her comment then :)

Pat VE said...

Those songs are so good and so cute. The girls do an enthusiastic job with their singing. Love to all, Gr.

Desiree said...

Val, that is so so so cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin, i saw you singing. I liked to see you. I saw Button. I want to see you both again. Hi, Button. Bye bye cousin.

Thanks so much for the videos. We've really got to get our act together and send you one of us!!.
Love you all,Patti