Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snowy Saturday Update

I'm trying to think of what on earth we've done for the past week and a half but I'm having trouble remembering. I think we've been going to classes, doing dishes and enduring freezing temperatures. Oh yeah, Dennis helped me remember. Last week was a spiritual refreshment week for the staff here so we students helped out looking after their children for Wed.-Friday. Wednesday and Thursday mornings found our home filled with girls aged 10 months (Winnie of course) to 6th grade.

Six 2nd-6th grade girls were here on Wednesday for making and decorating sugar cookies, and about 17 give or take (it's hard to keep track) on Thursday for "princess" pictures. One other mom and I did up the girls' hair and another mom set up a studio in Squeaky's bedroom. You never would have known it was a bedroom- it was beautiful! She did a great job, and the girls had lots of fun being princesses. Squeaky and Button got in on this one and posed in a picture together while wearing fluffy princess dresses. They were so pleased to be included.

Last weekend Dennis and I had been hoping to make it back to Peterborough for a conference at the Bible College Dennis worked at (KLBC). Thursday morning dawned, and we discovered that the two older girls were getting colds. So we had to stay home- seems that this is a regular occurrence this year. We were initially extremely disappointed as we have not been back since Sept. and with Ptbr. only being 4 hours away you wouldn't think a visit would be so difficult to plan and execute. But we are finding that having three children and constant multiple exposure to germs makes it hard to stay healthy for any lengthy amount of time. I ended up getting the cold worse than the girls and was wiped out most of last Saturday, so we were glad we had stayed home.

This week our classes resumed, focusing on beginning the teaching in the tribe. We learned about choosing the best time to begin teaching (usually based on the culture: i.e. is it planting, harvesting or hunting season?), what teaching aids are best understood in a tribal context and principles of teaching in a different cultural context. For example, asking direct questions of the people in many tribal contexts is offensive and could cause them to stay home from the teaching times for fear that they'd be singled out and humilated.

Our other course has been focusing on relationship building principles. Right now we are looking at relationships in a broad sense- how to maintain them, conflict resolution, principles of how the Holy Spirit is involved, etc. In the next few weeks we will specifically be looking at husband/wife relationships and parent/child relationships. One of the top reasons that missionaries leave the field is breakdown in relationships.

Emphasized again and again (as it has been throughout our entire training) is this concept: Thinking > Attitude > Actions

Right thinking will result in right attitude and actions, wrong thinking will result in wrong attitude and wrong actions. Very convicting and applicable!

Here's a video of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.


Jean said...

You all seem to keep very busy. Sounds like the sugar cookie production with so many girls would have meant dough and decorations from the living room to the kitchen and back.

Would love to see pictures of the princesses (I suppose they are on someone else's camera).

Mr. Toad gives excellent rides. Why didn't Winnie get a ride? W. looked very involved with all her actions.

Love, A. Jean

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Mr. Toad is not an octopus. Poor Winnie got left out (or maybe it's Lucky Winnie?).

Pat VE said...

Does your dizziness come from Mr. Toad too?

Jeff & DeAnna said...

Though I don't have any girls, THANKS so much for all you did to entertain the staff kids during the conference! Your class sure put a lot of thought and effort in to it. Thank you!

Ron & Sabrina Easton said...

Save some of those boxes:)

Anonymous said...

:) Mr Toad's Wild Ride looks as good as any ride at the fair :) Thanks for all the up dates :)
We miss you