Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Farewell to a Friend

Our little Monster up and died Sunday evening. During Sat. evening she was carrying on as usual, crawling around upside-down on the bars on her cage and being completely normal. Then on Sunday Dennis asked me, "Why is Monster sleeping on the floor in the middle of her cage?" She was taking her last breaths when we found her and we have no clue what happened. She couldn't have been more than 6 months old!

The interesting this is explaining this to the girls. They had some interesting comments:

Dennis: "Monster died."
Squeaky: "Like Jesus on the cross?"
Dennis: "Ummm... well... sort-of, except that Jesus rose again from the dead and Monster's just gone."

Dennis and Button looking at the empty cage the next day:
Button: "Monster lay down. Monster sleeping. He lay down." (She had gotten a glimpse of the body on Sunday.)

Squeaky: "A., Monster died."
Button: "Yeah, died."
Squeaky: "She DIED, A. She went back to the store."


Jean said...

Very interesting thoughts your girls have on Monster's departure.

Val, how many hamsters have you had over the years? Our kids were older than yours when they first had hamsters - If I recall correctly M. & R each got one at about the same time - R.'s didn't live very long. Mark had the hardest time when his Guinea pig died ( he had had it for quite a while) he was a young teen at the time if I recall rightly.

Dennis & Valerie said...

Well, this is the first hamster. We always had gerbils when I was growing up. I think I personally had 4 or 5 of those, not including the ones that were my brothers'.

pat ve said...

Sorry about Monster.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that everytime I read your blog, I laugh right out loud And even on a sad blog about Monster.

Anonymous said...

Kids sure come up with cute things. :)

Jean said...

Ah, I gat the gerbils and hamsters mixed up in my mind. I think that M & R also had gerbils to start with.

pat Ve said...

I'm tired of seeing this death announcement and obituary. Anything going on there that is lively. I know about the sickly. I am so bored, I just thought I'd comment. LOVE, MOM