Monday, March 10, 2008


Lately the girls having been playing nicely together for longer periods of time. This is great, because it allows me to do all kinds of things without constantly being a referee. The most popular things to play together are with the Little People barn and doll house, or "See you later, have a good time", which is really just pretending to go to church, childcare, or the store. This usually involves packing bags, wearing accessories like hats, gloves and boots, and traipsing to the front door many times. Yesterday they combined "See you later" with being mommies to their babies.

And, from our lunch table today:
Squeaky was eating penne pasta and cheese. I wasn’t really paying attention to her, just hearing noises and sound effects, which is normal. Finally, her little words started breaking through into my consciousness.

“Oh, oh, where’s the cheese. Let’s go find the cheese. Dum de dum de dum. Over here. No, over here. Dum de dum dummm. Oh! Let’s look in this cave! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” At that point she started happily chewing away at her pasta.

Then I noticed that she was parading the noodles around on their ends like little people. “Squeak, are your noodles looking for the cheese? Why are they screaming?”

“Because they are worried about the cave.”

“What cave?”

“This cave, right here.” She pointed to her mouth.

And from Button, out of the blue:
"Help me! Help me, Rhonda!"

Dennis is sick in bed with a fever today.
Button asked me, "Where's Daddy?"

"In bed," I replied, "He's sick."

"Oh, Daddy sick. He lay down. He died. He lay down." (Guess she thinks he's like Monster or something...) ACK!


Anonymous said...

Yup, laughing aloud again!

pat ve said...

Just loved hearing about their imaginative play. I like those hats too. I can just see noodles
standing up and worried about their encounter with the cave.
Does A. know a Rhonda, or did that come out of nowhere?
Hope Dennis is up and running on his wheel tomorrow. Love you, MOm

Jean said...

Oh, the wonderful world of pretend - it is so real to the kids at that age. Now you get to see how much they have been learning all along and how they interpret what you are doing. Fun and games for everyone.

I love the hats. Do they put on dress-up clothes often ( like your old dresses or big shirts or old lacy drapes, etc.)?

Our snow is melting and it is 1 above today. Is your snow melting yet. Now comes the part I don't like - the dirt, gravel, bird seed and wetness in the back landing - which of course is directly in the path to the basement and the kitchen depending which way ou are going.

Love, A. Jean

Jean said...
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