Saturday, March 15, 2008


Little Winnie celebrated her 11 month day:
It's getting harder to keep her in the chair! She kept flipping over and climbing out.

Button wanted in on the picture taking.

Wednesday evening we had a "Ladies Evening In". This included a delicious meal, options of making cards, playing games and other girly type things. Then we got together at the end of the evening for a movie. Lots of fun!

On Friday the cousins and "Coco & Brina" came over to pick up our little white Ford Escort. We were so happy to see them. It was the first I'd seen them since before Christmas. The girls had a lot of fun playing with the cousins. Hope the car is working, guys! Thanks for coming and bringing the lasagna! :)

And we had some good times with Daddy. Daddy was a very popular this week due to the fact that he had been sick for several days. The girls really missed him.


pat ve said...

Awww, so cute. It looks like the ladie's night in must have been a lot of fun. Which cousin was which? You can use their initials. Thanks for the update of pictures. Love you all so much, Mom

Dennis & Valerie said...

Blondie cousin is S. and Brownie is N.

pat ve said...

Thanks. That what I thought. S and N are how old?

Ron & Sabrina Easton said...

S is 3 and N will be 2 in a few days.
It was great to see you guys. Thanks for leaving the girls with me, we had such fun:)
Looking forward to taking the girlies, when we get settled:)

Jean said...

Good Daddy is back in the full picture feeling better and ready for full activity.

Winnie is getting more hair - she'll soon be able to have barettes or ribbons the girlie stuff.

So did the library that was in the Ford go with it or did Dennis find a new home for the books?