Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Getting Back

It has been interesting getting back into the swing of things here. I feel like I missed a lot of class and lost some of our momentum that we had going into our Jungle Camp preparation time. Have I told you anything about Jungle Camp yet?

For four weeks in June and July, our class will be living out in the "jungle" (aka woods) in temporary houses that we will build out of plastic, wooden poles, duct tape and binder twine. The purpose of this particular part of our missionary training is to help us get a glimpse of what it is like to plan ahead for building, meals and life in a tribal setting.

We're really looking forward to this. For the past few months I've had different ideas for meals, building and life out in our bush flying around in my head. But with all the events of this past month it seems that most of those thoughts have gone bye-bye. It seems like all day I'm mentally jumping around trying to get my head together.

On my to-do list:

-have a birthday party for two little girls whose birthdays I missed
-make a final meal plan for Jungle Camp
-pressure can beef and chicken
-collect my scatterbrained thoughts! :)

This is a picture of us in front of the poles we will be using to build our home in Jungle Camp.

Mark Saturday and Sunday, July 5 and 6 on your calender if you'd like to come out and visit us in our Jungle Camp home!


Anonymous said...

It's on my calendar!! It's nice to have you back and blogging again, everyday I check peoples blogs and there is never any change and finally you've returned and I have something to look forward to again!! (Yes this is a big hint to my other siblings etc out there :) !!) Have fun getting all your thoughts back in order!!

Kate said...

You adventurer you! Wilderness camp sounds exciting. Wish I could see you all in action!

pat ve said...

It looks like you must be having pretty nice weather. No one has jackets. I'll bet you do feel like you were left behind in terms of jungle camp preparations. Hope you can get back on track. Love you, Mom

Jean said...

So I take it that July 5 & 6 are visitors' day. do you put them up over night in your jungle "house"? If Durham were a little closer to Wpg. we might come to see how it is going.

Have fun preparing.