Friday, April 25, 2008

There and Back Again

After being gone for 18 days I am home again. It is so good to be home and for our family to be all together. A very nice thing is that the weather turned to spring while I was away. Actually, it was springy in Nebraska too, so I am enjoying everything twice. Sweet smelling breezes, bubbling water in the stream, birds singing, fresh new grass coming up- it’s wonderful!
Although my Dad’s passing was very difficult, it was so great for our family to be together. We were shown so much support and love by all the friends and family that sent flowers, meals, cards and those who came to the visitation and the funeral. Every kind word and every sacrifice that our friends have made on our behalf has been so much appreciated. I especially want to thank those who helped Dennis here on this end when he was a poor single dad and needed lots of help. From what he has told me, he only had to "cook" a couple of times and found that everyone really helped him out. Thank you.
Our family had a chance to remember fun family times from our childhood and were able to make some new memories with each other and our own children. A few of the highlights of the past few weeks were visiting a museum, going to Valentino’s pizza buffet (the best pizza in the world, trust me), taking a Sunday drive up to Schramm Park and hiking around a little bit, and spending an evening with my mom and siblings without any kids!


pat Ve said...

The Lord has blessed us abundantly. I was so blessed to have you here some extra time. My thanks and gratitude go out to all who helped our families and those who might be reading this and could not physically help, but stood by us in prayer. Thank you so much. Mom--Pat V.E.

Desiree said...

Yes, the support was amazing! (the babysitting was amazing too!) I really enjoyed our time together as well. So glad you're home with your sweethearts. Your oldest brother in the picture there is really good-looking! Goodness!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Valerie :)

Jean said...

We were happy to do what we could for the family in Lincoln. We really enjoyed the kiddies that afternoon at Matt & Sarah's as well as any other time we were babysitting. Winnie is a fun little doll.

One of these days I'll blog some of our pictures.

Still thinking of you and holding you up i prayer.

Love, A. Jean

Kate said...

Somebody looks happy to have mommy home! :)

Jean said...

In the bottom picture is the little blondie in the yellow shirt, facing away from the camera Winnie or Linea?

Hope that you are getting lots of family bonding time now.

Love, A. Jean

Dennis & Valerie said...

It is Winnie, A. Jean.